Reception Weekly News 13th March

13th March 20

On Monday, we started the day with a singing assembly. We then had Literacy and learnt a new tricky word, ‘said’. We read a book called Handa’s Hen because we are learning about Africa this week. We then tried really hard to re tell a section of the story using the word ‘said’ in our writing.

In Maths, we worked on solving some word problems about African safari animals. We heard what the problem was, worked out what the sum that we needed to do was and then solved it using practical resources.

In the afternoon, after PE, we looked at different animal prints that you would find on animals in Africa. We recreated these prints using paints and later in the week we will add detail and cut out a silhouette of the animal to stick on, to make a lovely piece of African art.

Tuesdays Busy Fingers was a construction focused session. We all built such amazing models and some of us even drew them afterwards.

In Literacy, we loved using our listening skills to watch the big girls performing in their Form VI Show! We enjoyed watching all the amazing singing and dancing and didn’t want the show to end!

In the afternoon, we used the internet to search for African animals. We used our painting skills to add detail to yesterday’s art work. We think they look so effective already.

We ended the day with a super German story ‘Hansel and Gretel’.

On Wednesday, some of us delivered a thank you card for Form VI’s amazing show. They loved our cards and thoughtful words!

In Busy Fingers we drew our own African animals and added collage to them. They looked really effective once we had put them on the African Plains.

In Literacy, we enjoyed listening and watching ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and finding where she lives in Africa. We then used our tricky word ‘here’ to tell our friends that ‘Handa lives here in Africa’.

In the afternoon we looked at lots of different people from tribes around Africa. We loved the necklaces they wore and designed our own using paper plates. They looked stunning.

We finished the day with another brilliant story ‘The Ugly Five’ by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.

On Thursday, we learnt the new tricky word, ‘they’. We played some tricky word games together on the carpet before then going to our tables and choosing a picture to write about. We used the word ‘they’ in our sentences.

In the afternoon, we finished our African art that we started on Monday. We added some detailing to our backgrounds to make them look like animal prints and the practised our cutting skills by cutting out a silhouette of the animal and stuck them on. They look fabulous!

On Friday we did some dictation in our exercise books, using lots of the tricky words we have recently learnt. In Maths we solved some word problems and did some more activities based on pattern. We completed patterns on snakes and used natural objects to make patterns outside.

In the afternoon we had some circle time where we discussed sharing and how to be a good friend. After some Mindfulness and a couple of stories, we were ready for the weekend.  See you all on Monday!

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