Nursery Weekly News 13th March 2020

13th March 20

We started our new week in Nursery with a fantastic Busy Fingers session.  Everyone was so focused and involved in the activities at the tables, working independently and collaboratively (PSE, PD, Literacy, Maths).  What a great start to the week!

We then listened to a story about a baby monkey who had lost his parents.  We discussed the names for baby animals and during our music session later in the morning, we used this knowledge to sing an adapted version of ‘Old MacDonald had a Farm’ with the baby animal names (EAD, UW).

We also had a super outdoor ChIL session this morning with the girls and boys working together in teams to make stepping stones with the foam blocks. We made a route across the playground which enabled us to cross without touching the floor (PD, PSE)!

We have been working hard on our independence skills trying to do up our own zips and also helping friends who can’t yet do it, (PD and PSE).

On Tuesday morning the Nursery girls started learning the new sound of the week ‘g’.  We also looked at all of the sounds we have already learnt.  We are getting very good at hearing the initial sounds in words. Excellent work (Literacy, CL)!  The Pre-Nursery children played a listening game to sharpen their listening skills.  We also heard some strange sounds coming from the road outside the school gates!! We went to investigate and found lots of road making equipment and vehicles making all sorts of scraping, banging and crunching sounds (CL, UW)!

We then had a super story read to us by Mrs Houten in the library about a horse who was making the wrong sound!! We practised making the correct animal sounds for the animals in the story and also reinforced our learning of the names of baby animals from yesterday (UW, Literacy, CL).

In the afternoon with Mrs Radgman we read the story ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. We used puppets, a brick bridge, a setting and musical instruments to tell the story. We had great fun and afterwards played independently with the resources to retell the story. We learnt that a baby goat is called a ‘kid’, (UW, EAD, CL and Literacy).

On Wednesday it was time to learn some numbers! We sang some familiar songs which involve counting backwards and taking one away each time (Maths, EAD).  The girls and boys enjoyed learning how to form the numbers from zero to five correctly by watching and copying them being written on a whiteboard and using their ‘magic’ fingers to write the numbers in the air.

We then continued our learning of number formation outside in ChIL by using the chalks on the ground.  Some children were then interested to further their learning by writing larger numbers (Maths, PD)! Fantastic!

Music with Mrs Lipman took place in the Seagull Studio and involved songs which linked with our topic of baby animals.  The children listened and sang beautifully in the lesson and showed that they are becoming very responsible and independent when walking around the school too (EAD, PSE)!

On Thursday morning we were lucky enough to have a visit from Leo le Chat! He taught us the names of some baby animals in French! We played a game with some baby animals to help us learn and remember the names in French (UW).

After this we had an indoor ChIL involving lots of activities using numbers (Maths).  We were counting bears, ordering numbers to 10, writing numbers and practising our 1:1 correspondence.  We are getting to be very good mathematicians!

We had our second Music lesson of the week after practising our manners at snack time.  We met Mrs Lipman in the Seagull Studio again and enjoyed singing some well known songs and some new songs and rhymes (EAD).

On Friday we were celebrating Sport Relief!  We were very excited to have brought in our bikes, scooters and balance bikes for our mini triathlon during our Welly Walk session.  Our teachers were most impressed at our cycling and scooting and at how careful we were of other people while we were moving around the tennis courts (PD, PSE).  We also ran a ‘mini marathon’ and took part in a balancing challenge to finish off our special triathlon (PD)!

Thank you ever so much for your very kind donations for Sport Relief.  The total raised is £30.00!!

We look forward to seeing you again next week and we hope you all have a super weekend.  We will be taking a look at frogs as our topic next week and learning about their lifecycle.

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