Reception Weekly News 6th March

6th March 20

On Monday, we travelled to South America using our imaginations! We learnt about the Amazon River and the beautiful rainforest. We watched a short clip from Paddington showing us where he lived in the rainforest and used our new tricky word ‘go’ to write to Great Aunt Lucy. We told her to ‘Go and visit Paddington in London!’. We will send them off to her and see if she replies to us.

We practised our one-armed robot letters in our Penpal books with Miss Smith and helped Paddington Bear read tricky words.

In Maths, we discovered we were learning about doubling. We saw Numicon on the carpet and realised we were going to adding the same number, for example 2 + 2 = 4. We learnt a fun double rhyme to help us remember the facts. We worked hard on the Maths Challenge doubling pom poms.

In the afternoon, we watched David Attenborough explore the Amazon River and saw river dolphins swimming along the world’s longest river. We loved drawing and painting animals who live in the rainforest, including tree frogs, deer, snakes and river dolphins.

We finished the day with a super Persian story which ended with a genie waiting in the lamp for Aladdin come along and rub it!

On Tuesday, we were visited by a real-life author Kristina to help celebrate World Book Day. We learnt how Kristina got her amazing ideas; her son Charlie! We acted out her story ‘Sir Charlie Stinky Socks the Really Big Adventure’ and then made monsters using paper bags.

In Maths, we worked out more doubles and had a go at writing double number sentences.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed painting more rainforest animals.

We ended the day with another super story, from New Zealand. We loved how Little Kiwi bird saved all the other animals from the mean weasel.

Wednesday was a very busy Busy Fingers! We worked on so many puzzles and made Hama bead animals.

We played lots of game to revise all the tricky words we have learnt so far, including ‘How many words we can write in 5 minutes?’ and Musical Tricky Words.

We loved visiting the Book Fayre, choosing gorgeous picture books to take home.

On Thursday, we arrived as totally different people; we were characters from our favourite stories! We looked amazing! We loved seeing all the other boys and girls in their costumes in assembly and then enjoyed a reading session with Form III girls.

In Literacy, we wrote a simple sentence saying who we were dressed up as and our teachers popped them up on our class washing line.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed making a rain forest for our class display. It’s going to look amazing!

On Friday we watched a super assembly performed by Form I. We then had a Maths lesson where we revised ‘doubles’ and then moved onto finding ‘half’. We sorted groups of fruit into half so it could be shared between two parrots. We then split groups of spots into half and added them to ladybirds and found half of various groups of counters.

After playtime we did some dictation in our grown up exercise books.

In the afternoon, we looked at a book from Australia and learnt all about koala bears. We had some indoor ChIL and mindfulness and ended the afternoon with some stories on the carpet. Have a wonderful weekend everyone, see you on Monday.


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