Reception Weekly News 28th February

28th February 20

Welcome back everyone!

On Monday, in Literacy we remembered all the fun things we did over the half-term holiday. We had parties, skied, played at home and saw friends. What fun! We wrote a sentence about what we did and tried to ask the question ‘What did you do?’ using our new tricky word ‘you’.

We practised another one armed robot letter with Miss Smith and tried hard to make some of the tricky words we have learnt using magnetic letters.

On Tuesday, in Busy Fingers we enjoyed playing world wildlife lotto discovering lots of new animals from around the world.

We enjoyed painting beautiful rainbow backgrounds, making bead strings and drawing our patterns.

We loved listening to ‘A Dot in the Snow’ which was a book about the arctic which Zoë had brought in to share. We all fell in love with Dot!

In Literacy, we loved talking about Pancake Day. We found out we were going to have pancakes for snack, so we made posters telling our friends to ‘Come and eat a pancake’ using our new tricky word ‘come’. We practised writing our ‘k’ in our handwriting books and on the Smart Board.

We loved visiting our pretend Creperie during snack time where Miss Smith and Mrs Bishop served us the pancake and topping of our choice! We loved the strawberries and cream topping. Delicious!

In Mathematics, we have been learning about weight. We talked about balancing scales and how things can be heavy and light. We pretended we were balancing scales. We then weighed objects from around the room using cubes or bears. We tried to record our findings on paper.

In the afternoon, we loved hearing a new story from Canada ‘This Moose Belongs to Me’, which Willow had brought in. It made us laugh a lot and led onto a super conversation all about Canada. We watched a clip showing us beautiful lakes, forest, snow and amazing cities before we made the Canadian flag with leaf rubbings.

On Wednesday, in Busy Fingers to loved timing ourselves sorting objects into coloured bowls. We used the magnetic people and enjoyed drawing them afterwards. We matched nuts and bolts with our friends.

In Literacy, we made signs for Freddie to pack his bag using the tricky word ‘your’. We cut out different things to put in his suitcase.

In the afternoon we loved hearing Thea’s Indian story ‘The Tiger-Skin Rug’. We laughed a lot as the tiger pretended to be a rug in the beautiful Indian palace.

On Thursday, we were very excited because it was snowing when we got to school! We had a little play outside the back door and some of us were catching snowflakes on our tongues! We revised our tricky words and played a fun game of Tricky Word musical bumps! We danced to some music and then sat on a tricky word when the music stopped. We then had to read the word and say a sentence including the word. We then learned the tricky word ‘all’ and wrote sentences about Goldilocks eating all the porridge.

In the afternoon, we learned about going on an aeroplane, in order to see lots of different countries around the world. We sat on our class aeroplane and listened to a funny story and some songs about flying. We even pretended to click our seatbelts on and had sound effects for take off! We then had fun making bi planes out of pegs.

On Friday, we did some dictation in our books. We love being so grown up, writing on lined paper in exercise books! We then used all our skills we have learnt in Maths this week and completed a carousel of weighing activities.

We had some outdoor ChIL and mindfulness in the afternoon. Have a lovely weekend everyone!



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