Nursery Weekly News 14th February 2020

14th February 20

On Monday morning we thought our Teachers had gone a little bit crazy! As soon as we got to school they asked us to come and get changed for our production!! Some of us found this funny because we had only just got dressed to come to school!  We are becoming more independent at dressing ourselves, some of us can fasten buttons, fasten buckles and even take off our our t shirts and jumpers (PD)!!  Great progress!

After our production of Stella the Starfish to the rest of the school (EAD), we had a yummy snack and had a well earned outdoor ChIL session.  It was lovely and sunny, so we enjoyed pedalling the bikes and scooters, climbing on the wooden frame (PD) and some of us shared our core reading books with our Teachers (Literacy).

In Busy Fingers on Tuesday morning we did some puzzles and chain linking amongst other activities to make our hands strong (PD).  Mrs Holdstock very kindly joined us again to help us get ready for our production.

After a fantastic show to some of our parents (EAD), we had a snack and headed outside for ChIL before whizzing to the library.  We are really trying hard this week to be independent when getting our coats and clothes on and off (PSE).  A few of us can already do up the zip on a coat and others are really trying hard to learn.  Fingers crossed everyone will be able to do this before the summer!

In the library, Mrs Houten read us a lovely story about Joe’s Storm.  Mrs Houten asked lots of questions about the pictures and story as we went along and encouraged us to answer in full sentences to help us with our understanding (Literacy).

On Wednesday it was an action replay of the previous days this week! We are getting very good at changing now, even managing to take t-shirts and jumpers off!

During Outdoor ChIL in the sunshine we made chalk drawings, scooted and cycled through slaloms and fled a sinking ship!

On Thursday we had our final performance of Stella the Starfish!  We were absolutely FANTASTIC!  All of our teachers are so proud of us!  We really hope you enjoyed watching us!

After a drink and a snack we had a wonderful play in the sunshine, playing with each other and helping each other to be involved in each other’s games (PD, PSE).  Next we looked at our new sound for the week ‘r’ (Literacy).

Mrs Radgman then told us about our exciting Marble Jar Treat

tomorrow! We were very happy and excited!

On Friday we were very excited to come to school in our pyjamas ready for our Marble Jar Treat day!  We decorated some heart biscuits and played a game about Llamas in Pyjamas!

We also played musical chairs, musical bumps, sleeping llamas and had a dancing championship! Then we had some yummy treats for snack whilst watching Bananas in Pyjamas on the whiteboard! What a super morning of fun and games!

We wish you all a super half term and look forward to hearing about all the childrens’ news when we return on 24th February!



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