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31st January 20

On Monday, in Literacy we loved hearing from a little girl, Martha who lives on the south coast in Poole. She told us about her house by the sea and we decided to use our new tricky word ‘to’ to write to her. We asked her lots of questions about her home and Mathilda posted them on her way home. We hope that she replies to us very soon!

One of our friends had some exciting news – her tooth fell out over the weekend! We had a close look in her mouth and at the e-mail she had sent us on the Smart Board. We’re glad to hear that the Tooth Fairy picked up her tooth and delivered a £1 coin safely!

In Mathematics, we loved acting out some number problems, including ‘If 4 friends were digging in the sand on the beach and called for 4 more friends to come along and help, how many friends would it take to bury Miss Smith in the sand?’ Poor Miss Smith!

We then worked in two smaller groups, working out simple ice-cream addition and pizza problems from Italy!

In our Topic Time, we loved sewing our own flags using stab stiches in binca. We enjoyed choosing bright coloured wool to make our flags stand out!

One of our friends shared another brilliant ‘Amazing World’ Show and Tell all about Slovakia. She used a simple map to share so many different things she does in Slovakia, including using a cable car, walks in the forest, swimming in the lake and visiting Habakuky, a beautiful Fairy Tale Village.

On Tuesday, after a relaxing Yoga session, we revised all our tricky words, sounds and digraphs. We learnt a new tricky ‘do’. We watched a clip on the Smart Board all about the ten most popular foods in Italy, including ragu, arancini, pizza, ice-cream, carbonara and lasagne. We then used our tricky word ‘do’ to ask our friends questions about them, for example ‘Do you like lasagne?’ We also made a tricky word Learning Tower of Pisa!

In ChIL time, we enjoyed writing Chinese New Year cards to our family using our Working Window.

On Wednesday, we loved using our Mathematics during our daily timetable and managed to write a number sentence showing how many girls wanted which lunch.

In Literacy, we enjoyed using our new tricky word ‘are’ to make chef hats, writing sentences telling everyone ‘We are chefs making pizzas’ and couldn’t wait to make real pizzas with Mrs Kendall the following day. We also enjoyed making collage pizzas using all our own ideas.

In Topic Time, we enjoyed watching Italian Gondolas in Venice on the Smart Board. We decided to make our own gondolas and find out whether they sink or float on the canals in Venice (also known as our water tray!) We discovered cardboard is not a very good material to make boats with!


On Thursday, we started the day with a rehearsal for our show in a couple of weeks time. Our singing is really coming on and we now know lots of super actions to go with the song words.

Afterwards, we learnt the tricky word ‘all’ and revised all our sounds. We completed another page of our Jolly Phonics book in our neatest handwriting. We also practised ‘n’ in our Penpals handwriting book.

After a delicious snack, we had our Music lesson with Mrs Lipman.  More practising of our songs for the show to make sure we are super ready for the big performances!

In the afternoon we had such fun making our own pizzas! We learnt about Italian food firstly, looking at a slide show on the Smart Board. We had lots of discussion about our favourite pasta, pizza topping and ice cream flavours! We then topped pizza bases with passata, grated Mozzarella and ham and peppers. We took them home and had them for our tea, yummy!

On Friday, we did some dictation in our shiny, new exercise books and completed the ‘h’ page in our handwriting books.

After playtime we practised our singing and did some practical work on subtraction.

In the afternoon, we had French and then had some Circle Time where we discussed ‘Helpfulness’ and how we can be helpful at home and at school. After some ChIL and Mindfulness, we said goodbye to our friends for the weekend. See you on Monday!


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