Nursery News 31st January 2019

31st January 20

Our new week began with Mrs Radgman reading the story ‘The Enormous Turnip’.  The children became actors and acted out the story whilst Mrs Radgman read it.  We pulled up the turnip eventually after many people and animals came to help (CL, EAD and UW)!

In ChIL the children used the hats again to re-enact the story independently – how fantastic! (CL, UW and EAD).   At snack time we tried something new! We put the children’s names on the tables to give them the opportunity to recognise their own name and give them a ‘place’ at the table!  We will be continuing this over the next few weeks so that hopefully everyone will be able to recognise their name without using their photo to help!

After another ChIL session Mrs Houten read Peter Rabbit’s news from the weekend (CL)!  It sounds like he has been a very busy bunny!

On Tuesday morning in Busy Fingers we really focused on trying to get a correct pencil grip (PD and Literacy).  We also demonstrated good listening as we listened to the instructions on  how to move our fingers into the Frog on the Log position.  Some children then practised writing their names, trying really hard to use the correct formation each time – how grown up!

Next we had our phonics session (Literacy).  We had a look at all the letters we have already seen and tried to remember the sounds they make and the actions that go with them.  We found that our new sound for the week was ‘e’.  We listened to the Jolly Phonics story and sang the song about eggs (CL and EAD).  Then we played a game of ‘Pass the bag around the ring’.  We were so clever as we were able to match the objects we found in the bag to the letter tile that we found on the floor!

Finally, we were introduced to a new friend! We now have Spot the Dog as a friend to help Peter Rabbit as he has such an enormous job to do going home with the Star of the Day!

On Wednesday morning we wrapped ourselves up warm and headed outside for a lovely sunny ChIL time. Babies got a wash, muddy puddles were created and fresh earth was dug (EAD, PD, KU)!

We then had a fantastic run through our songs and the dance for the Junior Production of Stella the Starfish (M).  You are in for a treat if you are coming to watch!

We so look forward to our Thursday morning French lessons! Madame Bishop brought along her friend Leo le Chat.  We listened to a story about three bears and we learnt some new vocabulary (KU).  Then we played a game that helped us to use our listening ears (CL)!!  It was great fun!

Also on Thursday we went to the hall and had a lovely music lesson with Mrs Lipman.  We learnt to use some new instruments which we had to shake, vibrate and hit while we were learning some Nursery rhymes (M).

To finish off the week we had a wonderful Busy Fingers session! Everybody was engaged in activities helping to make their fingers and hands strong (PD).  We also used the interactive whiteboard to practice some gross motor movements and the Ipads to practice our letter formation!

Next we had our weekly welly walk (PD)!  It was Spot’s first ever welly walk so it was exciting for everyone!  We found lots of vegetables that Spot had hidden!  We talked about seeds and how they are planted and grow using light and water (KU).  We found a story called Oliver’s Vegetables hidden on the field so we listened to the story and then planted some Basil and Parsley seeds!

What a fantastically busy week we have had! Such a lot of learning and fun!  Have a super weekend!

Next week our Traditional Tale will be The Big Pancake!


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