Reception Weekly News 24th January

24th January 20

We hope you all made the most of the beautiful sunshine this weekend.

On Monday, in Literacy we learnt a new tricky word ‘me’. We loved playing the tricky word croissant game, stealing one each time and trying to work out which word was missing.

We then used the world map and told our friends which was our favourite country. We put little speech bubbles on the country for reference. We then wrote a simple sentence using our tricky word ‘me’ for example ‘This is me in Cambodia!’

We enjoyed playing a rice and chopstick game, using the chopsticks to move the rice and discovering words underneath. We had a go at writing them all on our own. We also practised writing the letter ‘u’ in our Penpals books and on the Smart Board.

In Mathematics, we worked in two groups; recalling the 2D and 3D shape names. We talked about their properties, before playing two games – Dotty Dinosaurs and Guess My Shape game.

We ended the day hearing all about the Netherlands from one of our friends. We loved seeing traditional clothes, tulips, windmills, flag and Vincent Van Gogh’s sunflower picture. What a super start to ‘Our Amazing World’ Show and Tell presentations.

Tuesday begun with a lovely stretch to the story of ‘Parsnip the Cat’.

In Literacy, we enjoyed playing the tricky word croissant game with our new tricky word ‘we’.

We enjoyed listening the story of ‘Freddie Goes On The Aeroplane’. We then chose our own favourite mode of transport, including hot air balloons, tram, ship and bicycle. We wrote a simple sentence with today’s tricky word ‘we’, for example ‘We are on the tram’. We also practised our fine motor skills, tracing around transport vehicles.

We then heard all about Scotland from another one of our friends. We found out all about tartan, Highland Cattle, hiking up Ben Nevis, the Scottish flag, Haggis and bagpipes. Another super presentation!

In Mathematics, we enjoyed looking at some Slovakian castles on the Smart Board and starting to build our own castles using 3D fat shapes!

On Wednesday, in Busy Fingers we enjoyed cutting 2D shapes to make a Chinese dragon ahead of Chinese New Year this weekend.

In Literacy, we enjoyed hearing about Lucy and Tom’s seaside holiday. We worked hard to write sentences using our new tricky word ‘be’ for example ‘Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside’ while playing the song on the Smart Board! We took time to explore sea creatures trapped in ice, imprinted Lego into playdough to make all of the tricky words we had learnt so far and also practised our last long ladder letter ‘y’.

In the afternoon we were delighted to hear another super Show and Tell about Finland. We learnt all about huskies, reindeers, lovely log cabins and the Finnish flag.


On Thursday, we had a singing rehearsal for our production in a few weeks time. We are learning lots of lovely actions to go with our song.  We then learned a new tricky word, ‘was’. We revised all of the tricky words we have already learned, along with the sounds and digraphs. We are super quick at recalling them with the correct action!  We then completed a page in our Jolly Phonics books, in which we had to ‘Look, cover, write, check’ the tricky words. Our handwriting is really improving.  After a quick 3D shape game, we then had Music where we practised our songs again.

In the afternoon, we had fun collaging our junk models. We cut and stuck all sorts of different materials onto our castles.  Some of us also coloured the Slovakian flag.

On Friday, we had a special Chinese New Year assembly. We then did some dictation of sentences using tricky words and drew pictures to match the sentences.

In Maths, we went on a 3D shape hunt, made 3D shapes with playdough and created a Venn diagram on the carpet to sort shapes into.

In the afternoon we had some Circle Time and mindfulness to end the week on a relaxing note.  Have a wonderful weekend, see you on Monday!




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