Reception Weekly News 17th January

24th January 20

On Monday, in Literacy we were delighted when we realised we had learnt all of the 42 sounds and digraphs! We then moved onto learning the tricky words. We learnt a simple one ‘I’ and loved writing simple sentences using our own photographs and mirrors, for example ‘I am Miss Smith’. We enjoyed listening to the story ‘I wish you were here!’ and writing our own ‘I’ sentences on postcards.

In Mathematics, we enjoyed practising our counting. We counted from 0, but then had a go counting on from a random number. Tricky work!

In our topic time, we started to talk about another country, France. We shared our holiday experiences, looked on the world map to see where France was and then explored some French artists, including Leonardo De Vinci. We loved the Mona Lisa painting and decided to make our own paintings. We used different tools to paint the background, looking closely at the trees, path, sky and water.

On Tuesday, in Literacy we learnt a new tricky word ‘the’ and loved listening to ‘The Library Lion’ story. We made a clear label for the Library Lion, practised our handwriting on the Smart Board and in our Penpals books and wrote our own ‘the’ captions in little books.

In Mathematics, we thought of useful techniques we can use to count groups of objects, for example moving them into straight lines, tapping them etc. We loved playing the Postman game on and counting groups of objects matching them to our number lines.

On Wednesday, in Busy Fingers we decided to make our own French flags. We drew and collaged our own versions of the flag.

In Literacy, we enjoyed listening to ‘Monkey Puzzle’. We discovered that Monkey had lost his Mum so made lost posters using our new tricky word ‘he’. We loved making playdough tricky word flowers with our friends.

In Computing, we practised all of the ‘long ladder letters’ we had learnt so far on the iPads. We loved watching the program play our own handwriting back to us.

In our topic time, we used dry pasta to make a collage frame for our Mona Lisa pictures.

On Thursday, learned the tricky word ‘she’.  We then had a special treat!  In keeping with our topic on France, we visited a café called Maria’s in Harpenden.  We sampled some very delicious French crepes, with chocolate sauce, cream and strawberries!  We were also treated to a small bottle of milkshake.  We chatted about other types of French food that we had tried; pain au chocolat were one of our favourite!

In the afternoon, we cut out our own crepes and decorated them.  We also each collaged a heart ready for Mrs Rigby’s art project.

On Friday we revised the tricky words we have learnt this week.  We then did some counting activities to consolidate our learning throughout the week.

After French in the afternoon, we had Circle Time.  We discussed kindness and made a handprint kindness tree.  After Mindfulness it was time to go home and have a relaxing weekend.

See you all on Monday!

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