Nursery weekly news 24th January

24th January 20

Welcome back from the weekend!  We started the week with a super Busy Fingers session.  Some children were practising their letter formation in the sand (PD, Literacy), others painted wellies and created some super footprints (EAD) and Mrs Houten worked with a group building an alphabet floor puzzle (PD, Literacy).

We had another practice of our Junior production in the classroom with Mrs Weir and found we could remember lots of the actions and words!  Hooray!!

On Tuesday morning the Pre-Nursery children practised their listening skills by playing a listening bingo game (CL).  They were excellent and all earned a Listening Lily badge for the board! Well done!  Meanwhile the Nursery year children were introduced to the next sound ‘c’ and ‘k’.  We learnt the songs, listened to the story and practised the actions.

We then had a lovely Library session with our cuddly friends followed by an indoor ChIL session.  We have been looking closely at shapes this week and finding out which shape names we know and which shapes we still need to learn!

On Wednesday Mrs Snelling kindly came and played a game of 10 Green Bottles with some of us during Busy Fingers.  We had to practice taking turns, counting and finding the correct number which matched the dots we had counted (Maths)! Tricky stuff!  Mrs Houten was also helping us to strengthen our fingers using the pegs and the laminated hands (PD,Maths).

After Busy Fingers, we watched the story of the Elves and the Shoemaker and talked about the kindness of the Elves and the Shoemaker and his wife (PSE).  We then drew around our feet (EAD), cut the  drawings out (PD) and compared the sizes of them (Maths).  We found that Lily had the smallest foot and that Mrs Weir had the longest foot! We pegged them up on the washing line in size order (Maths)! How very clever we are!

We had a super indoor ChIL session on Thursday morning with copious amounts of cutting, wrapping and sticking of our junk modelling boxes and tubes (PD, EAD, PSE)! Look out for our creations in the going home boxes! We also had a delivery at the shoe shop which gave us a whole new spring range of shoes to role play with!

Mrs Price helped us today with singing some of our songs in the hall for our production next month (EAD).  We are doing so well with the words and actions! Hopefully you will enjoy watching us perform! We will soon be learning a dance too!

On Friday morning after some super counting at registration from our Register Monitor we had a very active Welly Walk session!  Inside, we had a Sticky Kids exercise session and felt for our heart beat.  We found that it was difficult to feel our heart beat before the exercise and then it was easier to feel it after the exercise (PD).  Outside, we used the trampoline to practice our two footed jumping, we used large balls to practice our throwing and catching and we used the wooden apparatus to improve the strength in our legs and arms to climb and jump (PD).

During Indoor ChIL the children spontaneously created their own bus!  We had a driver, passengers and a ticket collector! The passengers asked the bus driver to take them to the pub! It must be Friday!  They had a lovely sing song of The Wheels on the Bus on the way (EAD).

We hope you have a super weekend and look forward to seeing you next week!

Our Traditional Tale next week is The Enormous Turnip.


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