Nursery Weekly News 17th January

17th January 20

We started off the week with a fantastic Busy Fingers session (PD, CL).  Our focus for the half term is to ensure we are all engaged in an activity on the tables to improve our strength and coordination in our hands.  This in turn will mean that the we will develop the necessary muscles required to hold a pencil correctly and ensure we are strong enough to form the letters of the alphabet.

We also had a birthday to celebrate this morning! We sang to our birthday girl and wished her a happy birthday (PSE, EAD).  We were also very lucky to hear about a first skiing holiday and to learn that when you ski you have to make your skis into a pizza shape!

Later in the day, Mrs Radgman introduced our next ‘Traditional Tale’, (CL).  We heard about ‘The Ugly Duckling’ and how other animals were unkind to him.  We talked about how we can be kind to our friends and family and how that will make them feel; happy (PSE).

On Tuesday morning after Busy Fingers, which involved counting and sorting activities and role play of Traditional Tales, we embarked upon learning our first sound of the year! Today was the sound ‘n’.  We learnt that we had to put our teeth together and not our lips (CL)!  We played a game involving objects beginning with the sound ‘n’.

Following this we had Indoor and Outdoor ChIL and then took our toys on an adventure to the Library for a story (CL).  After our story we climbed all the way back down the stairs (PD) to the classroom and Mrs Houten led us through a music and movement session (EAD and PD)before lunch time for some and home time for others.

On Wednesday morning we were lucky enough to have Mrs Balcombe with us and after registration and Busy Fingers we set to work on some artwork (EAD) for our new display board.  We made a pond, some ducks, an ugly duckling, some grass and some bulrushes!!  What a busy session!

On our way to Outdoor ChIL today we found that we had an experiment to complete (UW)!  Georgia brought in one of her Christmas presents which is a magic umbrella!!  Mrs Radgman was very brave and poured some water onto the umbrella over Georgia’s head and we found out that the colours on the umbrella magically changed! How exciting!

Thursday morning’s adult-led learning involved making patterns and shapes using numerous different media (EAD).  We printed the paints onto heart shapes to adorn the special tree Mrs Rigby has created with the other children throughout the school.

In music with Mrs Lipman today we started to learn the songs for the Junior production next month.  We tried to sing some of the the words and made up some actions altogether to help us remember the words (EAD).

In the afternoon with Mrs Radgman we remembered the story ‘The Ugly Duckling’. We knew that the story began with the ducklings hatching from eggs in the nest, (Literacy). That gave us the fabulous idea to make yummy chocolate crispy nests with Maltesers for eggs. Scrummy!

On Friday morning we went on our welly walk (PD,M)!  Lily rabbit had hidden lots of ducks around the school grounds and she said they were poorly and had spots on them! Poor ducks! We were great detectives and found all of the ducks.  Some were in trees, some on drain pipes and others were having a swim! We also found a bag of numbers so we were able to match the number of spots on the ducks to the numeral (M).  We finished with a lovely story that Lily had hidden for us about Dilly Duckling.

What a fantastic way to finish off our week! We wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Our Traditional Tale for next week will be The Elves and the Shoemaker.




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