Reception Weekly News 10th January

10th January 20

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to Reception! We do hope you had a lovely Christmas holiday and feel fully rested.

On Monday, Miss Smith loved hearing all of our holiday news. We had all been doing some fun things during the holidays and loved sharing our photographs we had brought in. In Literacy, we used our photographs to write a sentence about our holiday.

During Mathematics, we discovered we were going to learn about time this week. Miss Smith showed us Big Ben on the smartboard before we made out own clocks ready for our Maths lesson on Wednesday.

In the afternoon, Mrs Houten told us how we were going to be learning about ‘our amazing world.’ We discussed what a passport is and why we need them. We then went on to make our very own passports.

On Tuesday, we started the day as we always do on a Tuesday with some Cosmic Kids Yoga. What good fun!

In Literacy, we practised all of the sounds we learnt in phonics last term before learning the new diagraph ‘ue’. Some of us then went to make blue tit puppets, play a roll the sound game and work in our Jolly Phonic books with Miss Smith.

During Mathematics, we learnt all about O’clock. Miss Smith read the story ‘Mr Wolf’s Nursery Time’ while we all made the correct time on our clocks we had made on Tuesday.

In the afternoon, Mrs Houten read the story ‘A Walk in London’ before discussing landmarks in our capital city. We then choose a landmark from some photographs and used black pen to draw our own. Look out for them next week in the classroom.

On Wednesday, in Literacy we learnt the digraph ‘er’. We loved using the teacher’s highlighters to find ‘er’ words in a short story on our own as well as writing thank you notes to Santa for our amazing Christmas presents. We also used magnetic letters to make ‘er’ words and could think of so many on our own, including earth, fur, myrrh, mermaid and river.

In Computing, we loved playing Phonics games on ‘Teach your Monster to Read’ on the iPads with Miss Smith.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed finishing our London landmarks and inky backgrounds.

On Thursday, in Literacy we learnt our final digraph ‘ar’. We enjoyed making star New Year’s Resolutions and thought of super things we wanted to get better out including handwriting, skipping, sewing and even making jelly!

In Mathematics, we loved looking at real money and were introduced to 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins. We pretended to be working in our Travel Agents and pretended to book a very cheap holiday using some of the coins!

In the afternoon, Mrs Houten told us all about Peru. We discovered a famous bear comes from this country and we talked about where he would have lived. we can just imagine Paddington exploring the rainforests of Peru. We then went on to finish making our passports, where we tried really hard not to draw a picture of ourselves smiling!

On Friday,  in Literacy we revised all the Jolly Phonic diagraphs that we have learnt since starting Reception. We then played a game of picking an object and writing the word on the Smartboard. Miss Smith was very impressed with our segmenting of the words.

During Mathematics, we enjoyed lots of activities revolving around money. We loved searching for 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins in the sand and doing coin rubbings.

In the afternoon, we had a lovely time relaxing with Mrs Houten after a busy week.  We had some mindfulness and then enjoyed some colouring of London landmarks.

Have a lovely weekend and see you next week for another fun packed week.

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