Nursery Weekly News 6th December 2019

6th December 19

On Monday morning we sang all the Christmas songs that we are going to sing to our families on the last day of term, (EAD). You are going to love our performance!

We looked for the classroom cheeky little Shelf Elf and we spotted him hanging on the washing line. Mrs Radgman lifted one of children up high and we caught him! I wonder where he’ll be tomorrow?

In outside ChIL we thought about the poor birds and animals who might find it hard to find food now winter is here. We mixed porridge with water and painted the mixture onto trees and fallen logs where the animals might go to find food, (UW and PD).

We also used chalks to draw some fabulous pictures on the floor, (EAD and Literacy).

Just before home time Mrs Balcombe, who had been helping us today read us a lovely story called ‘Jingle Bells’, (Literacy and PSE). Mrs Balcombe said that she had really enjoyed her morning with us and would love to come again. We ended the morning opening the first two days on our advent calendar.

On Tuesday morning we learnt our new sound ‘p’. We spotted lots of items in the story that began with our new sound and we learnt the new song. We also recapped all the sounds we have learnt so far. We have learnt five songs already, (Literacy).

We also enjoyed lots of lovely crafty Christmas activities. We used paint stampers to make dotty pictures, we made Nativity scenes with stickers and hay, and wrapped up some special gifts, (EAD and PD).

We shared a Christmas story in the Library and opened day three of our advent calendar, (Maths and Literacy).

In Busy Fingers on Thursday morning we made some lovely Christmas tree decorations using fir cones, glue and glitter, (EAD and PD). They will look gorgeous on our Christmas trees!

We also decorated a gift bag using Christmas stencils. We are going to bring home all the gifts we have made in our special bags, (EAD, PD and PSE).

We had such a great time in outside ChIL today. Lots of us dressed up in puddle suits and wellies and played in the mud kitchen, making pies and bird food, (PD, UW and EAD).

In our Music lesson we sang all our church Christmas songs so well. We hope you will enjoy our performance next week.

Thursday was a packed morning of Christmas fun! We rushed to the hall to sing our church songs with the big girls.  We then rushed off to the Christmas wrapping room where we chose some lovely gifts for our families.

During snack Mrs Delves came to see us with letters for each of us. Who could they be from? We opened them excitedly and discovered that Father Christmas had written back to us. How exciting!

We also had a great French lesson with Madame Bishop. We learnt a Christmas song in French and played a game unwrapping the characters from the Nativity and counting them in French. At the end of our lesson we gave Madame Bishop a ‘Thank You’ present for teaching us each week.

In the afternoon with Mrs Radgman we played Christmas Kim’s game. We had a tray of Christmas items which we identified and counted, (Maths and CL). We then closed our eyes and Mrs Radgman took one away. We had to try and remember which one had gone. We had such fun!

On Friday Mr Sayers invited us to join the whole school in assembly for a surprise! We crept in and sat down quietly and then to our great surprise we discovered that one of our friends had guessed the correct name for the unicorn at the Christmas Bazaar and was going to keep Lola for ever!!! Lucky Lola and one very lucky family!

We then had yet another great surprise when Mr Sayers awarded us the ‘Smartest Class Cup’ for all the clever things we do in Nursery. Hooray!!

After that amazing start to our morning we went back to Nursery to celebrate, followed by making crackers, and inside and outside CHil. We even had a ride on Santa’s sleigh, (the trolley).

Next week is our final week of term with lots of amazing activities. We look forward to seeing you at our Christmas song performance on Tuesday and at the church on Wednesday.

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