Reception Weekly News 29th November

29th November 19

We are going Christmas mad both at home and in Reception!

We loved making our own Christmas stockings for Home Learning and proudly brought them into Reception! We spent time looking at them before they were popped up on the wall on display.

In Literacy, we listened to ‘The Jolly Christmas Postman’ and decided to write our own letters to Father Christmas.

In Mathematics, we popped our letters into envelopes and followed lots of directional clues to reach the letter box. Can you remember how we reached the post box and which way is left and right? We posted our letters and really hope that Father Christmas enjoys reading them.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed watching the big girls singing and playing instruments in their Christmas Show.

On Tuesday, in Busy Fingers, we loved sticking snowflakes around our Christmas card background. We can’t wait to see our Santa’s stuck onto the snowy background. We also worked hard making split pin Santa’s.

In Literacy, we learnt a new digraph ‘oo’. We loved looking in cookbooks and even drew around our foot to turn into reindeers.

In Mathematics, we enjoyed drawing a map for the Jolly Christmas Postman. We then made a simple route joining up each of the cottages he visited and managed to guide him around his postal route.

In ChIL, we made salt dough using salt, flour and water and made super Christmas decorations to hang on our Christmas trees. We loved dressing up in our Christmas Role Play Area, wrapping presents and decorating the tree.

On Wednesday, we enjoyed playing a repeating pattern Christmas game on the Smartboard. We started making a huge paper chain to make the room look pretty, as well as using scratchy art to make beautiful baubles.

In Literacy, we learnt a new digraph ‘ch’. We worked hard in our Jolly Phonics books and played a Jolly Phonics game on the Smartboard as well as decorating our own chocolate cakes with chocolate chips. Miss Smith couldn’t resist decorating her own one!

In Computing, we loved designing our own Christmas stockings using Purple Mash.

In ChIL, we enjoyed painting our salt dough Christmas tree decorations. We can’t wait to hang them on our trees at home. We loved eating our chocolate chip cakes for snack time.

On Thursday, we had hymn practice and we are super at singing our Christmas songs now! We then revised the sound ‘x’ in Jolly Phonics. We started with a sorting activity of the carpet and then practised our formation and sounding out in out Jolly Phonics books. In the afternoon we learnt about Christingle and then had a go at making our own Christingle oranges using red ribbon, sweets, raisins and a candle. Some of us enjoyed making playdough Christingles too!

On Friday, we learned the digraph ‘sh’. We designed fancy shirts and enjoyed examining beautiful shells, together with working in our Jolly Phonics books. After playtime we enjoyed making some delicious Christmas cakes! What fun we had, weighing and measuring all of the lovely ingredients! Have a wonderful weekend everyone, see you on Monday.



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