Nursery Weekly News November 29th 2019

29th November 19

Our second Christmas week began by making more salt dough shapes with Mrs Holdstock. We mixed the flour, salt and water into a dough and then rolled out the mixture using rolling pins. We then cut out more Christmas shapes, (UW and EAD).

In our adult-led activity we thought about what we would like to ask Father Christmas for. We all took turns to speak nicely and listen to one another. We thought that we should say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ in our letters to be polite. We then worked really hard making a letter for Father Christmas and all tried to write our own names using a frog on a log pencil grip, (PD and CL) . On Friday we will walk to the post box to post them, (PD and UW).

Mr Nick’s daughter came to play with us today. She was so kind helping us all morning and read us lots of stories, (Literacy, CL and PSE).

We had such an exciting job to do in Busy Fingers on Tuesday morning. we discovered a real Christmas tree outside our classroom and a box of decorations. We used our strong fingers and artistic natures to make the tree look absolutely fabulous!

We also had a great glittery time turning our salt dough shapes into decorations,(PD and EAD). Messy, but fun!

We then learnt our new sound ‘i’ for Inky Mouse. We loved the song and story. We also recapped our three previously learnt sounds.

Wednesday arrived and we began some secret cooking activity. We had to use strong arms to stir a mixture and we all closed our eyes and made a wish. We can’t tell you any more, only to say that our families will be very lucky when Christmas arrives, (PSE and PD).

Mrs Snelling bravely took on the Christmas wrapping area with us, as we glued, glittered and wrapped our way through Busy Fingers, (PD and EAD). Mrs Houten helped us to finish yet another special secret.

On Thursday morning after a quick Busy Fingers we dashed to the hall with Reception, Form I and Form II to sing all the songs that we will be singing in church, (EAD and PSE). We were amazing and Mrs Price was very pleased with us. On our return to Nursery we put two marbles in the jar and to our amazement found that the jar was full, so Friday is Marble Jar Treat time. Hooray!

During the morning our five new friends came for a play with us. We had such fun with them and Mrs Radgman and Mrs Houten were so proud of how we looked after our new friends, (PSE). We enjoyed some lovely water play with our friends.

Friday morning arrived and it was Marble Jar Treat time, Hooray! After some Christmas Busy Fingers and dancing, we walked to the post box to send our letters to Santa. We walked so sensibly and our teachers were very proud of us, (PD and PSE).

When we got back we had some lovely ChIL in the sunshine before coming in for party snack, followed by party games. We had a little bit of quiet time watching a short bit of ‘Curious George, A Very Happy Monkey Christmas’. We finished our party with more games and Peter Rabbit’s news.  We also had a visit from Mrs Weir on her way to the hospital. We were so pleased to see her and wished her well. What a great way to end a very busy week.

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