Reception Weekly News 22nd November

22nd November 19

Christmas has officially begun in Reception!

In Literacy, we took time chatting with our talking partner to think of the real reason Christians celebrate Christmas. We were surprised when only one pair could remember the story of the First Christmas when baby Jesus was born! We loved listening to the Christmas story and acting it out with our friends.

In Mathematics, we focused on number formation. We watched a brilliant number formation song and then took turns to be the teacher, calling numbers out for us to write. We then played a game of Roll and Write, where we rolled a numbered dice up to 9 and tried to remember how to form each numeral.

In our topic time, we listened to a funny story about Father Christmas and tried so hard to draw our own Father Christmas. In ChIL, some of us have been working on the number formation Maths Challenge and making Christmas treats with jewels and playdough.

On Tuesday in Busy Fingers, we enjoyed cutting out the characters from the Nativity story and designing our own stable using collage materials, including lolly sticks, material and tissue paper. The Nativity scenes looked amazing!

In Mathematics, we talked about how we count down to Christmas using an advent calendar. Some of us have chocolate calendars, some of us have Playmobil calendars and Mrs Bishop even has an advent candle! We decided to make our own advent calendars using the numbers we have been forming. We can’t wait to use them at home. We enjoyed using Numicon to match and make jewel cakes with the correct amount of jewels. We also loved making rainbow number lines and picking numbers out of jelly and writing them on our whiteboards.

On Wednesday, in Maths Busy Fingers we enjoyed making stars using lolly sticks. We then took on the role of teachers and taught our friends how to make them.

In Phonics, we revised the sound ‘v’. We picked out v’s using tweezers and put them in our ice-cream vans.

In Computing, we designed our own Christmas trees using Purple Mash.

In ChIL, we loved copying Christmas peg board patterns and using paint dabbers to make beautiful Christmas pictures.

On Thursday, we started the day with hymn practice. We rehearsed lots of lovely Christmas songs ready for our Carol Service at the end of term. We then learnt the digraph ‘ng’ in Phonics. We had fun listening to the Jolly Phonics ‘ng’ song and story and then worked hard filling in the ‘ng’ pages of our Jolly Phonics workbook. We loved pretending to be strong women lifting heavy weights!

In Maths, we were introduced to word problems and spent a short while trying to solve a maths problem involving presents and a naughty reindeer!

In the afternoon, we tested our fine motor skills by wrapping wool around jumbo lolly sticks to make our own mini nativity scene. You will see the finished results at the end of term!

On Friday, we revised the sound ‘y’. We loved eating real yogurt while doing the Jolly Phonic action!  We also made yaks and drew our favourite yummy foods on paper plates.

In Maths, we continued to work on some Christmas themed word problems. We are getting very good at finding the sum we have to solve from the story we are being told.

In the afternoon,n we had French with Madame Knight, followed by circle time when we celebrated our Special Person. After a little bit of outdoor ChIL and mindfulness it was time to say goodbye to our friends for another week. See you on Monday for more festive frolics!


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