Nursery Weekly News 22nd November 2019

22nd November 19

Hooray, Christmas has come to Nursery!

We began Busy Fingers using our strong fingers to wrap up boxes as Christmas presents. We also used tap-a-shape to try to make Christmas pictures, (PD and UW).

In our adult-led activity Mrs Radgman read the story ‘My Very First Christmas Story’. Some of us knew the characters in the story and could tell our friends all about them. We also learnt the true meaning of Christmas and why we give each other presents, (UW and Literacy).

We had a lovely outdoor ChIL in the sunshine and then in inside ChIL drew and collaged some of the characters for our new Christmas display, (EAD and UW). We also celebrated one of our friends birthdays.

On Tuesday we had a very glittery Busy Fingers, cutting out stars using our scissor skills and then decorating them with glitter. We also painted stripes onto candy canes and added yet more glitter, (PD and EAD). Our classroom looks very festive already!

In our adult-led activity we learnt our new sound ‘t’. We sang our new song and spotted items that began with ‘t’ in the story.

In our chilly outside ChIL we noticed that the pond, water tray and kitchen were frozen. We talked about why that had happened, (UW). We enjoyed breaking the ice up.

We ended our morning with a lovely story in the Library cuddling our toys, (Literacy).

Wednesday morning was filled with yet more Christmas craft. Some of us wrapped presents, some of us made Christmas cards for our family, trying to write our own names. We also used Christmas stencils and body puffs to paint lovely pictures, (EAD and PD).

In our adult-led activity we made salt dough and then used Christmas cutters to make decorations for our trees at home. After they are dried we are going to paint and glitter them, (EAD, PD and UW).

We had a quick outside ChIL before our Music lesson when we learnt more Christmas songs to sing in church,(EAD). We finished the morning session with a lovely Christmas story from Mrs Houten.

On Thursday morning we decorated Christmas stockings using our strong fingers to cut around a stocking shape and peel stickers to decorate them, (PD).

Madame Bishop was away from St Hilda’s today, so unfortunately we didn’t have French. However, we thought it would be a good idea to start on some of our Christmas surprise for our families!

In the afternoon with Mrs Radgman we used binca to make a bauble. We sewed wool onto the bauble using a plastic needle and then added some beads. They will look lovely on our Christmas trees, (PD and UW).

On Friday morning we made a few more characters for our new Nativity display. We added baby Jesus in his manger, more angels and a horse, (PD, EAD and UW). Our display looks fabulous!

After Busy Fingers we decided to retell the Nativity story using our little wooden crib characters, but oh no, they were gone! We explored the school and found all the characters in all sorts of strange places. As we collected them we counted them and tried to work out how many were left to find, (Maths). We also tried to retell the story as we went along. Eventually all that was left to find was baby Jesus in his crib.  We found him hiding in the outside classroom, where we shared the story, adding our characters as we went along (Literacy and CL).

We also celebrated another friends 4th birthday!

See you next week for more Christmas fun!






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