Reception Weekly News November 15th

15th November 19

What a fun week we have had in Reception!

We talked about other festivals people celebrate, including Diwali. We loved watching a little girl, Jessica, preparing for Diwali with her family, celebrating it and finding out the story behind Diwali.

In Literacy, we listened to the amazing story of Rama and Sita and loved acting it out with our friends. We even used the trailer from the Outdoor Classroom as a chariot! We were so pleased to hear there was a happy ending, with good triumphing over evil!

In ChIL, we enjoyed exploring clay and making our own little diva lamps. We used sand to make beautiful Rangoli patterns also wrote Diwali cards to our friends and family.

On Tuesday, in Busy Fingers we enjoyed making our own poppies following Mr Sayers Remembrance Day assembly yesterday.

In Phonics, we learnt a new digraph ‘ie’.  We made jam pies on our own and painted ties for our Dads using cotton buds. We used the Smart Board to write more complex words with our digraphs.

In Mathematics, we enjoyed writing number sentences while singing ’10 wonky bicycles!’ We then played addition games, telling our friends what our number sentence was each time.

At snack time, we ate the most delicious jam pies!

Wednesday was Maths Busy Fingers. We enjoyed making Rangoli patterns using Numicon. We traced numbered picture cards, made number puzzles and matched patterned bands to our fingers.

In Phonics, we revised the sound ‘z’. We painted stripes onto zebras using a peg holding a lolly stick and also used zigzag lines to design our Mendhi hands for Diwali.

In Computing, we continued to think about Mendhi hands and used Purple Mash to design our own decorated hand. They looked beautiful!

In ChIL, we enjoyed using paint, coloured sand and collage to make our own divas. We can’t wait to add them to a whole class Diwali wreath.

On Thursday we marked St Hilda’s Day with two special workshops. Firstly, we met Darcy Turner who taught us how to do some metal bashing! We formed wire around a picture of something natural that we drew (a leaf, a flower etc). We were then given a sheet of thin metal to put over the top and we used a big beater to beat the pattern into our metal. We had great fun!

After playtime we met Nick Schon.  He is the illustrator of the Biff and Kipper books that some of us read! We had fun telling him a story and watched him draw the pictures on an easel at the front. We were very impressed with his fantastic drawing!

In the afternoon we made some Rangoli patterns using different coloured rice and lentils.

On Friday we revised the sound ‘w’.  We had a lovely time scraping the seeds out of a watermelon and then enjoyed eating it for our snack!  We also had fun making wicked witch collages.

We then did some basic addition work with our teachers and when we weren’t working on this, we were doing some lovely ChIL number activities.

In the afternoon, we did some quiet mindfulness relaxation and colouring and celebrated our Special Person.  Have a lovely weekend everyone.  See you next week for the start of Festive Fun in Reception!



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