Nursery Weekly News 15th November 2019

15th November 19

This week our topic is ‘Hibernation’.

In our adult-led activity we shared the story ‘Don’t Wake the Bear Hare’. We learnt that hibernation is when some animals have a long winter sleep. We tried to make predictions in the story and joined in with the repeating refrains, (Literacy, CL and UW). After the story we looked on the smart board to find pictures of other animals who hibernate. We found a bat, a tortoise, a hedgehog, a dormouse and many more. Mrs Weir told us about her tortoise Winky who has been hibernating since October.

In outdoor ChIL some of us used our strong fingers to open old runner bean pods and pull out the beans. We will dry them and use them next year to grow more runner beans, (PD and UW).

In indoor ChIL we made some fantastic hedgehogs using playdough and matchsticks. They were very prickly! (EAD).

On Tuesday morning we worked on a new display ‘Hibernation’ for our classroom. We all drew an oval shape for our hedgehogs, added details such as a nose, eyes and feet and then added glue and stuck leaves on as spikes, (EAD, UW and PD).

In our Jolly Phonics lesson today we revisited our last week’s sound ‘s’ and then learnt our new sound ‘a’. We loved the song about ants crawling up our arms and learnt a new word ‘alarm’ as the ants gave us a fright! (literacy).

We enjoyed a chilly outside ChIL washing cars and warmed up in the Library for a story.

On Tuesday afternoon Jack and Florence made  biscuits with Mrs Radgman. We had learnt that bats hibernate in the winter so we thought it would be a good idea to make bat biscuits. (PD and UW).

On Wednesday morning everything was hedgehog themed!! We played an exciting hedgehog game with Mrs Snelling, painted leaves for our hedgehog display and created hedgehog and hibernating animal flags (UW, EAD).  We then looked at hibernating animals and hedgehogs on the interactive whiteboard and discussed their features.

Next we washed our hands and put on our blue aprons ready to create our own edible hedgehogs! We used cupcakes, butter icing, chocolate buttons and glace cherries to make some super spiky hedgehogs!

On Thursday we were celebrating St Hilda’s Day with creative workshops.  We first went into the hall and learnt to make metal sculptures! We used a large rubber hammer to beat the metal! The children made some lovely circle decorations that will be put on a metal tree that the older girls in the school made later in the day.

Following this the children were treated to a workshop with the Illustrator Nick Schon.  Along with the Reception class, we created our own story using our own ideas and the amazing pictures drawn by Nick.

On Thursday afternoon we were busy weighing out ingredients for making sponge cakes for all of our friends.  We used our strong hands to stir in the mixture and fine motor control to spoon the mixture into the individual cases (PD).

Friday morning was our Children in Need morning! We came dressed in our own beautiful clothes and used all sorts of resources to make lots of Pudsey bear creations (EAD).  We made paintings, cake decorating and Pudsey colouring!  We have managed to raise a whopping £40.70!!  Thank you so much!

We then found that our own bears had been rather cheeky and left the classroom and started a game of hide and seek with us.  So we dressed up in our warm clothes and went on a bear hunt (PD)! We eventually found all of our cheeky friends and whizzed back inside the classroom to have a teddy bear’s picnic with lots of yummy food and hot chocolate (PSE)!

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and that everyone feels much healthier by Monday! Next week we will be beginning our new topic of ‘Christmas’.  If anyone has any junk modelling materials we could use please bring them in next week.  Many thanks.


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