Reception Weekly News 8th November

8th November 19

Welcome back everyone! We hope you all had a wonderful half-term holiday.

We started the week off with a very loud bang! We have started our St Hilda’s Day celebrations early with an amazing Indonesian drumming session. We learnt how to use a variety of Gamelan percussion instruments.  We listened carefully to instructions from Mike and all joined in with a whole EYFS instrumental session!

In Literacy, we enjoyed sharing our holiday news with our friends. We tried hard to write a simple sentence about our photograph, using tricky word cards and sound charts.

On Tuesday, in Literacy we learnt a new digraph ‘oa.’ We enjoyed reading ‘oa’ words on the Smartboard and checking to see if we were right by clicking on the word to reveal the picture.

We loved making simple oak wreaths together.

In Mathematics, we found out about fat shapes or 3D shapes. We learnt the names of a cube, sphere, cylinder, pyramid and cone. We talked about the shape of their faces, for example a cone has a circle face on the bottom. We went on a 3D shape hunt around the room, marking off when we saw each one. The pyramids were hard to find! We then made a cone shape for the top of our firework.

In our Topic time, we loved acting out the story of Guy Fawkes, capturing him and throwing him into jail before he blew up the Houses of Parliament!

In ChIL time, we enjoyed making collages with different materials and paint, using Hama beads and working on the 3D Maths Challenge.

Wednesday’s Busy Fingers was lots of firework themed Maths activities. We played Firework Lotto, cut out shape fireworks, built 3D fireworks and even read our firework themed home reading books with Miss Smith!

In Literacy, we enjoyed revising ‘j’. We matched words to pictures on the smartboard and even made real jelly to eat! Mrs Kendall won’t believe her eyes when she sees it on Thursday!

In Computing, we loved designing our own firework display using Purple Mash on the iPads.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed watching a firework party song on the smartboard and loved making edible sparklers, using chocolate and sprinkles. Delicious!

During Busy Fingers on Thursday we practised our cutting skills by making 2D shape firework rockets.


In Literacy, we learnt the Jolly Phonic diagraph ‘ee’. We then painted bees using watercolours and then used our fine motor skills to trace over bees.

At snack time we enjoyed the yummy jelly that we had made on Wednesday. We decided we liked the raspberry flavour the most.

In ChIL, we enjoyed making more fireworks using forks and tennis balls!

On Friday we learnt the digraph, ‘or’. We played sound bingo, made doors and drew our favourite places behind them. We also used forks to scoop up corn into pots.  Great for our fine motor skills!

After buying a yummy Friday treat at playtime, we ate it with our fruit for snack. We then did some 3d shape activities in a carousel. Some of us printed 2d shapes using 3d shapes, some of us went digging in the sand for shapes and we played a game of ‘Guess the Shape’ when Mrs Kendall revealed only a small part of the shape to us.

In the afternoon we had our ‘Special Person’ time and some calm, quiet mindfulness.  Happy Weekend everyone!





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