Weekly Nursery News 11th October 2019

11th October 19

On Monday morning we had a very messy ‘Busy Fingers’ trying to write the initial sound of our names in shaving foam, (Literacy and PD). It was good clean fun!

In our adult-led activity we began work on our colour topic. Mrs Radgman had lots of different colour paints and we took turns to come to the front and mix them together. We were amazed as they changed colours, (EAD). We then mixed more paints on the table tops and printed the patterns onto paper.

We celebrated Lottie’s 4th birthday and enjoyed hearing all about the party and Lottie’s presents, (CL). We also celebrated another of our friends achieving their ‘What’s Next’ step. Well done Skyler!

During Tuesday’s Phonics lesson we played another listening game. One of our friends hid behind a cupboard and made sounds with items such as scissors, keys, a stapler, claves, a clockwork mouse and many more. Our friends had to listen so carefully and try and guess what the item was. We found it quite tricky but tried really hard, (CL).

We also had a lovely outdoor ChIL session using lots of games and toys to improve our Physical Development.  We worked hard to push the pedals around on the trikes and learnt that we can ‘push’ and ‘pull’ a pushchair.  Some of us learnt to use the three wheeled trikes and safely negotiate the obstacles that we came across!!

We also used our strong hands to hang up the washing on the line outside (PD)! We learnt that we had to squeeze the peg and push it over the sock and then let go!! It was quite tricky!

On Wednesday in our adult-led activity we worked on our colour topic sorting pompoms by colour and filling mega blocks. When they were full of all the right colour we tipped them out and counted them using 1:1 correspondence. We then tried to find the matching numeral, (Maths).

After our snack Mrs Weir read us a story all about how to take-turns and share with our friends. We thought that the little boy in the story was very unkind and we are going to make sure that we always play nicely, (PSE).

In our Music lesson today we had so much fun exploring the different sounds of metal and wooden instruments, (EAD).

In the afternoon Florence made some lovely jam tarts with Mrs Matthews, (EAD).

On Thursday we had a super French lesson with Leo le Chat and we learnt how to count in French up to ten!  We practised our counting after hunting for and finding ten french dogs!  After this we had a wonderful outdoor ChIL session where we painted pictures and labelled them, had a picnic tea and climbed and balanced on the wooden apparatus.

We also had some very exciting news this morning! Gracie was wearing her new snazzy glasses!  Mrs Radgman was pleased to see this as sometimes she needs a little help with her eyes too!

We completed a great week on our colour topic with a colour hunt Welly Walk. We were joined by our Reception friends as their families were having their Phonics Talk. We had little colour charts and buckets and explored the environment looking for different colour items. At the end of our search we sorted by colour and discovered that we had most brown items(Maths and UW).

Next week is ‘Number’ week. Enjoy your weekends!

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