Form I News 11th October

11th October 19

Ten, ten, ten, ten……..We love the number 10!

Our Maths has been all about the number 10.

We have been finding as many different ways of making the number 10 as we can. We played a game using lollipop sticks where we had to take a bunch of 10 lolly sticks each and divide them between both of our hands. We had to count how many sticks were in our left hand and use this number to work out how many sticks would be left over in our other hand. We found there were so many different ways to make 10. Mrs Johnstone called these our number bonds to 10. We also had great fun making number bond rainbows which you can see on the wall in our classroom. The number bonds to 10 that we discovered are:












We are working really hard to learn these number facts as they will help us in all other areas of our Maths work. We also know a new song which helps us to remember our number bonds!

During English we have been trying very hard to think about how a story is structured. We listened to the story Little Bear Lost by Jane Hissey and then tried to break it down into three sections. The beginning part sets the scene; the middle part leaves the reader on a cliffhanger and the end of the story offers a resolution or makes us say Phew!

Mrs Capital letter, Mr Sentence and Mr Full Stop have been very busy helping us with our punctuation. We have also been spotting them in our reading books and story books.

During History we looked at some pictures of toys and tried to decide what they were made of, what condition they were in and whether they were old or new. We also discussed different materials and looked at what various toys were made of. We found a teddy and discovered that she was made of a furry material but sadly learnt that she is not allowed to go out in the rain as she does not have a raincoat. This led to a discussion about how to make teddy a raincoat or umbrella. We decided that a raincoat needed to be waterproof which meant that it had to be made from a material that would not soak up or let through any water. One thing led to another in our discussions about waterproof materials and the lesson finished with Mrs J sitting on a chair outside wearing her raincoat while Olive poured some water from a watering can over her to test whether her rain coat was waterproof or not! Mrs J was most relieved to find out that it was….Phew!!

The next day during our Science lesson it was time for Mrs J to get her own back. We decided to design an experiment to test various materials to see whether or not they were waterproof. We made four umbrellas out of different materials. We tested some tissue paper, tin foil, a plastic bag and some felt. First we made predictions as to which materials would be waterproof. To test our predictions we then had four volunteers or ‘Guinea pigs’ who were willing to sit underneath an umbrella whilst some water was poured onto the umbrella. Two of the girls stayed dry and two of the girls got a little wet!

We had a special assembly one afternoon as it was National Poetry day. We enjoyed watching some of the older girls reciting some of their favourite poems in a competition but we also noticed that lots of our teachers appeared wearing funny clothes and outfits. They treated us to a rather funny performance of ‘A squash and a squeeze’ an adaptation of the storybook by Julia Donaldson.

We ended the week with a spelling test on Friday. Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Matthews would like to say a big well done to all the girls for their obvious hard work in learning their spellings each week.

Well done girls, have a lovely weekend!

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