Weekly Nursery News 4th October 2019

4th October 19

We began our topic work on ‘Shapes’ this week with a shape hunt around the school. Before going on our search we sang songs about circles, triangles and squares. We learnt the properties of the shapes and then we spotted shapes in the classroom, (Maths).

On our hunt we found circle signs, a diamond stained glass window, a crescent banana, a triangle roof, a circle pendulum and many more.

We had a great ‘Busy Fingers’ bathing dolls and drying them, making caterpillars and using construction, (EAD, PD and PSE).

On Tuesday we revisited our shape songs, remembering the properties of the shapes and finding a few more in our classroom, (PSE and Maths). We then used different painting techniques to decorate paper shapes, (EAD and PD).

We had a great time working on mark-making and emergent writing in Busy Fingers and ChIL, (Literacy and PD). Our teachers are so pleased with our interest and enthusiasm trying to write our names.

We ended our morning in the Library where Jemima talked through her Peter Rabbit news, (CL and PSE).

On Wednesday morning in ‘Busy Fingers’ we played board games with Mrs Snelling. We are getting very good at turn taking and following the simple rules of games, (PSE).

In our adult-led activity we worked on our listening skills again. We went to the playground and played two really fun games. We pretended we were cars and each had a steering wheel. When we heard Mrs Radgman ring a bell we drove, fast, when she banged claves we drove slowly and when she banged a drum we stopped. We also play traffic lights, stopping when red was called out, touching the floor when amber was called and going when green was called, (CL, PSE and PD). Great work girls! Listening Lily was very impressed!

On Thursday we had another French lesson with Madame Bishop. We learnt the words for ‘yes’ and ‘no’ and played a game finding a hamster who had hidden in the classroom. Each time we got near, our friends said ‘oui’ and when we went far away they said ‘ non’. We also sang some new French songs.

In our singing time with Mrs Weir we had to guess which instrument Mrs Weir was playing whilst hidden under her cardigan. We had to use good listening for this but were very good, (CL).

We also celebrated Gracie getting her Golden Welly certificate for achieving her ‘Next Step’. Well done Gracie!

On Friday the Nursery band went into action with a great jamming session to ‘Firework’ by Katie Perry, requested by Charlotte, (EAD and PSE). We really are a musical bunch.

We then went on an outdoor shape hunt on our weekly Welly Walk. We saw circle man-hole covers, triangle roof tops, oval shapes on car badges, rectangles on windows and many more, (Maths and PD).

We also had little cheesy shaped biscuits for snack. They were yummy!

We’ve had a fabulous week learning about shapes. Next week our topic is ‘Colour’. Have lots of fun at the weekend.

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