Reception Weekly News 4th October

4th October 19

Welcome back to Reception’s Weekly News!

On Monday, in Literacy we loved rapping along to ‘Kitchen Disco!’ We cut out characters from the story and used our growing phonic knowledge to label them. Lots of us are hearing the beginning, middle and final sounds in words now. We also used single hole punches to make holes around fruit and even cut up our own fruit salad using knives and chopping boards. We enjoyed the fruit salad for Snack Time. Delicious!

In Mathematics, we learnt a new mathematical word ‘more’. We realised it means having a bigger amount. We enjoyed a competition in pairs where we had to put as many feathers into a log as we could in one minute. We compared the amount with our friend and worked out who had ‘more’ and who had ‘less’. We then worked in smaller groups and did the same with buttons on clothes and also buttons on Gingerbread Men.

In our topic time, we found out we have five senses in which we can explore the world – sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste. We used our hearing sense and played a game of Listening Lotto. We all listened really carefully and managed to complete our boards.

On Tuesday, we enjoyed using our touch sense in Busy Fingers! We popped bubbles on bubble wrap and made exciting feely collages which we thought younger children might enjoy touching!

We then enjoyed a relaxed ‘Betsy the Banana’ Cosmic Kids Yoga session.

In Literacy, we reinforced another sound ‘r’. We worked hard in our Jolly Phonics books, made mats for rats and painted beautiful rainbow fish. We also took time to match phonemes to graphemes on the Smartboard.

In Mathematics, we heard about Mischievous Monkey who kept adding ‘one more’ animal to each animal enclosure in the zoo. We helped the poor Zookeeper to work out one more each time. We then went outside, aimed beanbags onto numbered targets and jumped along a number line to work out one more each time.

Wednesday was a busy day with our Harvest Festival rehearsal. We can’t wait to show you all of the songs we have been learning in Music!

In our topic time, we recalled all five of our senses and had great fun using our taste sense to try seven different foods. We thought of so many different words to describe the taste, including sour, crunchy, spicy, delicious and even like a conker case! We used our mark making skills to recall what we thought of the foods using smiley faces and ticks and crosses.

On Thursday we learned a new sound, ‘m’. We listened to a song all about the ‘m’ sound and then practised the letter formation on the Smart Board. We then made monsters out of playdough! We also made medals by sticking mini marshmallows and macaroni onto card circles.

In Maths we started learning about estimation and how to make a sensible estimate.

In the afternoon we focused on our sense of smell and did some sniff tests using unknown smells.  We filled in a chart as to whether we liked the smell or not and what we thought it might be. Some of us had great fun in the tuff spot snipping some fresh mint and rosemary and making very glittery soup!

On Friday we had our Harvest Festival. We really enjoyed showing all of our parents the lovely songs we had been practising.

In the afternoon we had some ChIL time and some Mindfulness. We were all very tired after a busy week and lots of walking to and from Church!  See you all on Monday, have a lovely weekend.


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