Reception Weekly News 27th September

27th September 19

Welcome to another fun week in Reception!

We started the week thinking about our topic ‘I am amazing!’ We talked about how we can be healthy by looking after our teeth and bodies. We laughed so much when we heard the story ‘Bathroom Boogie’ and loved cutting out the characters and labelling them with our growing phonic knowledge.

We also took time to brush the plaque off teeth with real toothbrushes and cutting and ordering our teeth cleaning routine.

In Mathematics, we recalled the names and properties of 2D flat shapes. We then used them to make different pictures and models.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed listening to ‘Going to the Dentist’ and sharing all our past experiences at the dentist. We tried so hard to brush our own teeth for two whole minutes! We then counted out 20 mini marshmallows and made our own set of teeth to take home.

On Tuesday, in Busy Fingers we used our fine motor skills to practise doing up buttons on our uniform!

In Literacy, we learnt a new phoneme ‘n’. We tried hard to make necklaces and nests for birds.

In Mathematics, we used 2D flat shapes to make repeating patterns. We designed pattern hats and couldn’t wait to wear them home!

On Wednesday, we learnt a new phoneme ‘c / k’. We loved using collage to make cute cats!

In Computing, we used Purple Mash on the iPads to draw our families. We listened really carefully to instructions and produced some beautiful work.

On Thursday we learned the new sound, ‘h’. We had great fun making hedgehogs out of paper plates, practising our snipping skills! We also made some beautiful hot air balloons out of muffin cases and had fun drawing ourselves in the baskets!

In the afternoon we listened to a story about the Royal Tooth Fairy and then painted some lovely multi coloured tooth fairies and used lots of glitter to decorate!

On Friday we learned ‘e’ in Jolly Phonics. Some of us painted some Elmer elephants using the paint sticks. We were challenged to not put the same colours next to each other in the squares.  We also enjoyed drawing ‘e’ pictures and putting them in envelopes.

In Maths we read The Giant Jam Sandwich and then had a go at making our own jam sandwiches and cutting them into different shapes. We then had to describe the shapes using their properties.

What a busy week!  See you on Monday for more fun and learning in Reception.

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