Nursery News 27th September 2019

27th September 19

We began our morning exploring a range of ‘Busy Fingers’ activities to strengthen our hands. We used Inter Star to make models and flowers, we used wooden blocks to make buildings for nursery rhyme characters and we explored the texture of paint with our hands and used toy cars to make tyre prints with paint on paper, (PD, UW and EAD). Mrs Holdstock also played a great game called ‘Dobble’ with us. We took turns nicely and used our visual skills to match pictures on different cards, (PSE and CL).

In our adult-led activity we listened to the story ‘The Paper Dolls’ by Julia Donaldson. We tried to join in with the repeating refrains and we explored the term ‘memories’, which is a very tricky concept. We looked carefully at the different faces of the paper dolls and then looked in mirrors and drew our own faces, (EAD, Literacy and PSE). Take a look on our classroom window, They’re fantastic!

Towards the end of our morning we had a music session with Mrs Weir exploring and naming different instruments and then enjoying playing them in our Nursery band, (EAD).

During ‘Busy Fingers’ on Tuesday morning we had a great time exploring lots of different activities. We fished ducks out of water with nets, we threaded cheerios onto spaghetti, we balanced marbles onto golf tees, we explored different painting techniques using bath puffs, lots of us enjoyed drawing and mark making and we also made models with recycled materials, (PD and EAD). Gosh our fingers were tired!

In our adult-led activity we worked on our listening skills again, (CL). Peter Rabbit hid in the classroom and we used claves to help a friend to find him. We banged them softly when they were far away and as they got nearer we got louder and louder until they found him, (CL and EAD).

We had a great ChIL outside in the rain, followed by a lovely time in the library listening to stories with our toys. We finished our morning working out to ‘Sticky Kids’ songs. After all our exercise we felt our hearts and they were beating really fast, (PD).

We had a lovely messy Wednesday morning exploring how cornflour changed in texture when you add water, (EAD and UW). Lots of us spent time making lovely cards for our families, using scissors, drawing and also trying to write our names and other words, (PD, EAD, PSE and Literacy). We also played some more great board games with Mrs Snelling, spotting colour and number and following the rules of the game well, (Maths and PSE).

In our adult-led activity we shared the story ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle. We told Mrs Radgman what was going to happen in the story before we even read it and to Mrs Radgman’s surprise we were quite correct, (Literacy and CL). We then shared more thoughts and ideas as she read and then did some fabulous counting, (Maths). To reinforce further learning we then added the correct number of foods to a caterpillar and tried to spot the corresponding numeral. Phew, we are a clever bunch!

We are loving hearing all the Peter Rabbit news. Today was Aria’s turn and we loved the pictures and Aria telling us about her time at home with her family, (PSE and CL).

Thursday was an exciting day as we were having our very first French lesson with Madame Bishop. We were introduced to Leo the French cat and we learnt to say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ to him in French’. We also listened to a great story about starting Nursery and learnt how to say ‘thank you’ and how French people greet each other with a kiss on each cheek. We had great fun.

Today we worked really hard on lots of different areas of learning. We tried to dress dolls and pop the poppers on their clothes, (PD), we tried to match teddy bears by size and colour to cards, (Maths), and we also painted ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ using body puffs and brushes, (EAD and PD).

In the afternoon we played two great games with Mrs Radgman. We played Kim’s game, trying to remember all the items on a tray and then thinking about which one Mrs Radgman had taken away, (PSE, CL and Maths). We also played the Sounds CD game, listening to everyday sounds and putting counters onto our cards, (PSE, CL, UW and Maths). We had a great afternoon.

What a great end to the week we had in our Outdoor Learning session. Peter Rabbit had cheekily put lots of strange items around the school to find, including a cat, a dog, a wand, a bow tie, a bird and a frog. Charlotte worked out that these were all items in ‘Room on the Broom’. We then found the book and all took parts acting it out, adding actions, words and noises, ( Literacy, CL and EAD). We were amazing actors!

We have really enjoyed our ‘All About Me’ topic work. Next week our topic will be ‘Shapes’.

Have lovely weekends.

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