Reception Weekly News 20th September

20th September 19

Welcome to our first Weekly News in Reception on our new St Hilda’s School website!

On Monday, we discovered we were learning more about our families. We enjoyed finding out more about the Large Family in ‘Mr Large in Charge.’ We then chose which member of the family we wanted to cut out and tried to use our initial sounds to label them. During Literacy ChIL, we loved practising our pouring skills just like the Large family, using water, jugs and teacups!

In Mathematics, we enjoyed listening to another favourite story ‘Cinderella’. We then learnt how to measure using cubes and had a turn at measuring all of the different objects from the story.

On Tuesday, we started the day with our weekly Yoga session. We all felt very well stretched and ready to learn afterwards.

In Phonics, we reinforced the phoneme ‘t’. We enjoyed cutting out paper to make a scary tiger as well as painting with toothbrushes.

In Mathematics, we enjoyed solving a problem; ‘Who is the tallest and the shortest girl in our class?’ We compared our heights, using lots of lovely mathematical language. We had our feet painted by our teachers, so we can measure our feet with Mrs Kendall. We all got the giggles as we are very ticklish!

Wednesday was Maths Busy Fingers. We matched nuts and bolts, counted hooks onto numbers, made houses using lolly sticks and pegged up numbered clothes in the correct order.

In Phonics, we reinforced the phoneme ‘i’. We enjoyed posting money ‘in’ money boxes and painted igloos with cubes.

We loved our first Computing lesson in the Computer Suite with Miss Smith and Mrs Bishop. We used iPads to draw our face portrait really carefully.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed making Gingerbread versions of ourselves!

On Thursday we had a fun time building bug houses with Carl from the Wildlife Trust.  We filled bottles with sticks and rolled up newspaper to create a lovely home for all things creepy crawly.

In the afternoon we made houses out of paper bags and coloured paper.  Some of us made bungalows, some added chimneys and some put people inside the windows.  Such variety!

On Friday we learned the sound ‘p’ in our Jolly Phonics session.  We had fun pressing pennies into playdough, making paper plate pigs and completing a page in our Jolly Phonics books.  In Maths we measured our footprints using cubes.

In the afternoon, we had circle time and celebrated one of the girls by saying how she was special to us.  We then had some outdoor ChIL and finished the week with mindfulness.

What a busy week!  See you on Monday for more fun and learning in Reception.


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