Weekly Nursery News 8th July 2019

11th July 19

We enjoyed a great Busy Fingers during our final week of Nursery. Some of us played games with Mrs Holdstock and then enjoyed some stories in the quiet book area. Some of us used different shaped nuts and bolts to match and tighten, (PD and Maths). We also tried to squeeze open the mouths of the money monsters and feed coins into them, (PD).

At registration time we celebrated Tommy’s 4th birthday by singing happy birthday. Have fun at the party!

We then went to the hall with the rest of the junior school for a Lego workshop. We learnt how to make little houses using bricks, windows and doors. The houses were then made into a street and we made lamp posts for the street. The houses were all attached to batteries and were then lit up, (EAD, PD and UW).They looked fabulous!

On Tuesday morning we had a great play with some new toys that the FOSH had bought for Nursery. We used the fantastic new construction toy, which included diggers, a crane, a roller and builders, (EAD and UW). We also made animals, monsters and people with the new Popoid construction, (EAD and UW). Thank you FOSH for our new toys.

We then went down to the field to practice our mini Sports Day. We ran lots of different races and are looking forward to the Mummies and Daddies joining in.

We finished our morning with a lovely summer story in the Library and also sang and recorded ‘Whistle While You Work’ to send home to the Mummies and Daddies.

We were so excited on Wednesday for our trip to Knebworth House. We had a quick Busy Fingers and got ready to board the coach. We were so excited when we saw the fort and we climbed, crawled and slid over it. We then went on the bouncy castle and had so much fun! After a snack we went and played on lots more apparatus. We enjoyed our yummy packed lunches before boarding the coach and heading up to the house and gardens. We walked to the dinosaur park where we found so many scary dinosaurs. We also enjoyed drawing and writing on a large chalk board. Finally, exhausted by the day we travelled back to St Hilda’s and a few of us had a quick nap on the coach!

Today was a whirlwind final day at Nursery. When we arrived many of us gave our teachers lovely homemade cards and gifts. We helped them to rip off the wrapping and gave them lots of hugs and kisses. Thank you for all our gifts it was so kind and thoughtful.

We then celebrated Tilly and Zoë’s Birthdays as they will be four during the summer holidays.

We had a quick French lesson with Mrs Bishop singing a few of the songs we have learnt throughout the year. We then thanked Mrs Bishop for teaching us all year.

We had such a lovely final outdoor ChIL together and then our parents arrived for Sports Day. We were fabulous in our races and we know that our parents and teachers were very proud of us.

We have had so much fun and laughter with you all this year and we will miss you terribly. Have lovely summer holidays, stay safe and we will see you all soon hopefully.

Jan Radgman and Ruth Weir

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