Reception Weekly News July 11th

11th July 19

What a fun last week we have had in Reception!

On Monday, we loved working with Stephen, also known as the Lego Man! Stephen showed us how to make a building using Lego to put together with Nursery, Form I and II to turn into a town. We then added a road around our buildings and even a simple circuit with a battery! We could not believe our eyes when Stephen turned the lights off and lit up all of our lovely buildings. What an amazing workshop!

We enjoyed a relaxed ChIL in the afternoon, watching Tinkerbell, on the smartboard, colouring and making our own fairies.

On Tuesday, we enjoyed working in small groups on collaborative drawings on the floor. An impromptu art gallery display on the window took place!

We also enjoyed a STEM Challenge. We had to build something to hold a Starburst sweet and use the container to carry the sweet across the assault course! We loved designing our little container and testing them out. We then took turns walking over the assault course, holding our container with a sweet in it! We managed it really well and loved the challenge. Our teachers tried hard to balance on the beam and struggled to stay upright! Our prize for crossing the assault course successfully was eating the sweet. Delicious!

In the afternoon, we enjoyed visiting the Eco Fashion Exhibition. We loved looking at the Form VI girls dressed up and posing as statues. We enjoyed joining in with the dance and looking at the most amazing art work on display.

What an amazing day we had at Knebworth House! We loved exploring the fort, climbing, swinging and balancing. We took turns to bounce on the bouncy castle. We pretended we lived in the toadstool houses, hung from the monkey bars, played on the wooden train and even got sprayed with water by the teachers on the see-saw!

We then jumped on the coach and had a trip to the main house, gardens and dinosaur trail. We explored the amazing herb garden, eating all of the different leaves. We loved signing our names on the chalkboard at the start of the dinosaur trail and then spotted so many different dinosaurs along the trail.

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw Snow White and the Seven Dwarves carved out of wood. We pretended to eat the wooden apple and passed out on the ground!

We then got lost in the hedge maze! We loved trying to find our way out and even said goodbye to our teachers as we entered the maze in case we never saw them again! Luckily we managed to find our way out and were reunited on the other side!

We ended the trip by looking at some beautiful deer in the next door field. What an amazing sight!

A special thank you to Mrs Houten and Mrs Stannard for helping us on our trip and Happy Birthday to Livvy!

We have had a lovely week and are looking forward to a long summer holiday.  Time to recharge the batteries before the new school year!  What a fantastic year we have all had, our teachers are so proud of us.  Enjoy your summer girls!

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