Nursery Weekly News 28th June 2019

28th June 19

We began Monday with a very industrious ‘Busy Fingers’ playing with many activities that involved ‘Food From Around the World’, our new topic, (UW and PD).

We threaded Cheerios onto spaghetti, counting how many we could thread on, (Maths and PD). We also decorated pasta with pens and stickers to make necklaces, (EAD and PD). Some of us used tweezers to pick sequins and tiny balls out of trays of rice, (UW and PD).

Some of us played a game with Mrs Holdstock called ‘Crazy Chef’. We couldn’t find the instructions on how to play it but Thea from Reception saved the day by coming to tell us the rules. Thank you Thea!

In our adult-led activity this morning we went to the field to practice for Sports Day. We did our running race, our egg and spoon and finally the sack race that was so much fun.

After all that exercise and a quick outdoor ChIL we went in for snack and Mrs Radgman and Mrs Weir gave us each a lolly to cool down after all our hard work.

In the afternoon with Mrs Houten we played a great game called ‘Monster Bingo’. It was such fun and we joined in and took turns so well, (PSE).

On Tuesday morning we used more food to make some fabulous artwork. We used glue to stick coloured rice onto card. We enjoyed dribbling the glue and exploring the texture of the rice, (EAD and PD).

In our Jolly Phonics lesson we showed Mrs Weir and Mrs Radgman all the sounds and actions for all the sounds. We really are quite amazing at them!

We then realised that many of our friends had achieved the Golden Wellie. We presented a mountain of certificates and everyone felt really proud,(PSE).

After inside and outside ChIL and a song practice we shared a lovely story in the Library with our cuddly toys.

On Wednesday morning we thought about our weekly topic, ‘Food Around the World’. Mrs Weir showed us some of the different foods that people eat in different countries and also how some of these foods grow. We saw people in China eating rice and saw it growing in paddy fields. We talked about people in Italy eating pasta and pizza. We then used Nova clay to make our own pizzas with toppings on. Tomorrow we will paint them, (PD,UW and EAD).

In inside ChIL we used the Beebot toys. We learnt how to press the different buttons to move the Beebot in different directions, (UW).

On Thursday we had a quick Busy Fingers and painted our Nova clay pizzas using the correct colours for the toppings, cheese and tomato sauce, (PD and EAD).

We then dashed through to the hall to practice a complete run through of the show with our friends from Reception, Form I and Form II. We were very good and sang beautifully, (EAD).

After sitting so well for quite a long time we used some energy dancing to the Dinosaur Stomp and the Pizza song.

After a yummy snack we had a fantastic ChIL out in the beautiful sunshine.

Friday was another super busy day! We were so excited as we put on our costumes and rushed to the hall for the dress rehearsal. After whizzing through the show we dashed back to Nursery to change into our swimwear for ready for our first lesson in the pool. Lots of Mummies came to help and we had so much fun. Thank you to all those who assisted.

See you tomorrow at our first ever Sports Day!

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