Reception Weekly News June 21st

21st June 19

On Monday, we found out that we were learning about another ‘Amazing Author’ Nick Sharratt. We loved listening to ‘Chocolate Mousse for Greedy Goose’ and joining in with the repeated, rhyming text. We then made our own class version of the story.

In Mathematics, we enjoyed playing 2D shape games on the Smartboard and also with a feely bag of shapes. We had to describe the shapes to our friends, while we made sensible guesses about which shape it was. We then used 2D shapes and turned them into minibeasts.

In the afternoon, we loved watching Form III, IV, V and VI in their Summer Show ‘Summer of Love’. We thought they are all very talented.

Tuesday was a ‘Shark in the Park’ themed day! We were heading down to Lydekker Park, but had been put on by the weather forecast of thunder storms, so decided to use our imagination and pretend our field was the park!

What a fun time we had! We started off using our amazing reading skills to read the story altogether. We stopped on the first page and thought of which rhymes we could sing and act out. Alexa very cleverly thought of ‘Ring a Ring a Roses’ and Brooke thought of ‘5 Little Ducks!’ We decided to turn it into 13 little ducks with one Mummy Duck! We loved running around the field, until we heard Mummy Duck quacking us back!

We then took our telescopes and looked up, down, left, right and all around. We spotted what we thought was a shark, so yelled with all our might, ‘There’s a shark in the park!’ Luckily it was only a cat. Our next game was a rhyming game. We had to find things around the field which rhymed with ‘cat’. We found a 2 bats, 2 rats, cat, bat, Postman Pat, mat and crazy hat!

We used our telescopes again and this time we really thought we had seen a shark, but no! It was Dad. We used the parachute to play a family game. We had to pretend to be a Mum, Dad, Nan or Grandad and cross under the parachute each time our name was called. When we heard the word ‘family’, we all had to cross over! We even gave our Teachers a turn by calling ‘Teachers!’

We were becoming thirsty and hungry by this point in the story, so went off to search for our snack. We found a tin, which said ‘Love from Timothy Pope’ and discovered it was full of cookies! Thanks Timothy!

On Thursday we had a bit of a different morning as we went into Nursery to do our morning activities! This was because the new girls starting in Reception in September had their induction morning in our classroom. We were more than happy to decamp and play and work alongside our Nursery friends!  Miss Smith looked at the book ‘You Choose’ with us and we spied a secret door on one of the pages. We then decided to have a think about what we would like to discover behind a secret door. We had lost of discussion about this and then had a go and drawing and writing a sentence about what we would choose. We had some scary ghost towns, a swimming pool and some fairy lands!

In the afternoon, we read another Nick Sharratt book called ‘I went to the Zoopermarket’. We were amazed to find an ape-ricot yogurt with a monkey inside and a packet of croc-olate drops containing a crocodile! We then had a lovely afternoon of ChIL, where some of us made our own supermarket role play area using post it notes to make price tags. Mrs Kendall brought lots of food tins and packets from home and we had great fun labelling them and then spending some money on the items. The other girls made some collages of food items to stick on a large supermarket shelf.  We also used pastels to draw some fruit and vegetables. What a full shelf we had by the end of the afternoon!

On Friday, we had assembly followed by a handwriting session. We practised the formation of the letters a and d. We are so good at sitting our letters on the lines now!

In Maths, we completed a carousel of activities to reinforce our 2D and 3D knowledge. Our teachers are so pleased with our use of mathematical language to describe 2D and 3D shapes!

In the afternoon, we took part in a sponsored walk on the field. We did this during our PE lesson. We walked and walked and walked!  What an exhausting afternoon! We hope to have raised lots of money for charity.

We ended the week with a well needed rest and did a little mindfulness session before we said goodbye to our friends for another week.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend, see you on Monday when we will be looking at another ‘Amazing Author’.

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