Nursery Weekly News 21st June 2019

21st June 19

On Monday we had our Phonics lesson and learnt our very last single sound! We are amazing! We recapped the previous 25 sounds and then listened to the story and song that accompanied our weekly sound ‘x’.

After our ChIL session outside we all went to the field for a playtime to get some of us ready for our move to Reception classes next year. Our teachers stayed and played with us, helping us to become confident with our new routine, (PSE and PD).

We practised our show songs again and are becoming really good at all the words and actions.

We finished our morning session with inside ChIL where we coloured and decorated pictures of pizzas, recognising the different shapes on them. We also worked on our jigsaw challenge.

On Tuesday morning we had a very industrious Busy Fingers working on our fine motor skills. We cut out pictures of healthy foods using scissors and then stuck them onto plates, (PD). We also used water colours to paint beautiful pictures of food. Some of us also took some quiet time to look at books in the story corner, (Literacy).

In our adult-led activity we went to practise our Sports Day races. We were amazing at the running races and very skilled at balancing the eggs on the spoons for a dash across the playground. You are going to be so proud of us on Sports Day, (PD).

On Wednesday morning we thought about our new topic ‘Cookery’. We knew that before we do any cooking we should wash our hands so that we don’t get germs in the food. We talked about keeping safe when using cooking utensils such as knives and remembered that an adult must be the person who uses the cooker, (PD). We then made some yummy pizzas. We talked about the shape of a whole pizza and the shape of one slice, (Maths). We chose ingredients including tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms, ham, sweetcorn and pepper. We carefully spread the sauce and topped our pizza. They look delicious!

We worked hard during our indoor ChIL session making models with K’nex. Some of us were really good at following the picture cards to make models and some of us used our imaginations, (EAD and PD).

We ended the morning with our Music lesson and we learnt a special and rather tricky move for our show, (PD and EAD).

On Wednesday afternoon we started our session with some relaxation time after a hectic lunchtime of running around!! The girls listened to a calming meditation CD and listened very carefully (CL).

After this we continued our ‘Cooking’ theme and created our own collage pizzas! The girls drew around a plate to get the correct shape and then cut around the circle to create the base for the pizza.  They then used various materials to decorate their pizzas with the same ingredients as earlier in the day (EAD).

Thursday was a very unusual day for the Nursery class. Some of us visited Reception ready to start there next September. We had a great time with our new Teachers, Mrs Kendall and Mrs Bishop. All the rest of the Nursery class and Reception had some of the morning together in Nursery. It was fun playing together with all the Busy Finger activities, (PD and PSE).

After a fun Busy Fingers session we all made ourselves look fabulous and went to the school field for the whole school photo. We sat beautifully and had a very smart photo and one where we were all allowed to pull a funny face!

In ChIL we had so much messy fun in the mud kitchen. We made cakes and pies, poured water onto mud and played together beautifully, (PSE, EAD and UW).

Friday morning was yet another packed day of fun! We tried some really tricky Busy Finger activities including matching keys to padlocks. It was tricky but we managed to unlock some, (PD).

After a morning ChIL session we went to the field to meet the Form VI girls who were helping us with our sponsored walk. We all had two big friends helping us and we all did eight laps and some of us did ten! We were amazing and raised money for charity too, (UW and PD).

We ended our session with a great ChIL outside and a Topsy and Tim on the smart board for a treat.

Next week we are thinking about ‘Food from around the World’ and will be doing final preparations for Sports Day and the show. Have lovely weekends.

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