Nursery Weekly News 14th June 2019

14th June 19

We have a very exciting week this week. Two new friends started with us in Nursery. Welcome Skyler and  Jemima. We also have our trip to the theatre to see ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and a visit from our Daddies and Grandads to celebrate Father’s Day. We are also thinking about our new food topic of ‘Bread and Cakes’.

We began our morning with a very messy exploration activity looking at the changes that happen when we mixed water with cornflour. We were amazed at how it changed from powder to liquid and then went hard, (EAD, PD and UW).

We also played a ‘Cup Cake’ game with Mrs Holdstock, matching different types of cup cakes, (PSE).

In our adult led activity we talked about a special day coming up on Sunday. We read a story called ‘My Dad, the Superhero’ by the author Peter Kavanagh and talked about how all our Daddies are superheroes in one way or another, (CL and PSE). We then started to make a special gift, which is a secret, but it involved getting our feet tickled with paint brushes!

In the afternoon with Mrs Houten we used our phonic knowledge to write a message for our Daddies, (Literacy, PSE and PD). We continued with this in ‘Busy Fingers’ on Tuesday morning. Our Daddies are going to be very proud of us.

We then talked about our new topic of ‘Bread and Cakes’ and thought it would be a good idea to make our Daddies a bun for Father’s Day. We looked at Mrs Radgman’s very old school cookery book and found the recipe for Jammy Buns. We weighed and mixed the ingredients together, noticing the change in texture when we added the milk and egg. We then rolled the dough into balls, stuck our fingers in the middle to make a little hole to fill with jam, (PD and UW). Yummy!

We popped up to the library for a cuddle with our toys whilst we had a story and finished our morning with a Sticky Kids music and movement session, (PD).

What a lovely Wednesday we had! Our Daddies and Mrs Snelling joined us for a Stay and Play session. We played games with them, made models with construction, painted pictures, (whilst trying to avoid getting paint on their suits!) and we also played with the castle. We then listened to the story ‘My Dad the Superhero’ and told all our Daddies why we loved them and why they were our ‘superheroes’. We then gave them a jammy bun for a Father’s Day treat! Thanks for joining us this morning.

After a snack, outside ChIL, a Music lesson and an early lunch we boarded the coach for the theatre at Watford. The show was amazing, with lots of puppets and music. We loved it and were perfectly behaved. Thank you to Mrs Damoiseaux for joining us on the trip.

On Thursday in Busy Fingers we showed how independent we are becoming by working on the activities for long periods of time and being very proud of what we had achieved at the end of the session (PSED).

After Busy Fingers, it was time for our weekly phonics session.  The focus today was on the sound ‘y’.  We learnt the song to accompany the action and were fantastic detectives when it came to listening for the objects in the story that started with the sound ‘y’ (CLL).  We then played Sound Bingo to further sharpen our listening skills and Listening Lily awarded every one a sticker for amazing listening!! Hooray!!

During snack time today we really tried hard to be considerate to our friends and think about sharing and kindness.  We used our lovely manners to ask for the fruit to be passed, for a drink and to thank our friends and teachers for helping us (PSED).

In the afternoon we listened to the story ‘The Little Red Hen’.  We sequenced some pictures of the story and then created our own class book using our own words and writing!! How clever! (CLL).  We will be putting the book in our class library so we can read it by ourselves!!  After this we made some different coloured hand prints by mixing colours and talking about which colours we need to use to create others (EAD).  We will be making a tree using our hand prints as the leaves to help us remember about colour mixing.

Next we had a quick snack and started leaping around following the instructions on the Sticky Kids CD!  We talked about the effects of exercise and how our hearts beat faster once we have been charging around!  What a busy day we have had and what fantastic listening we have done today!

On Friday we had such fun in Busy Fingers balancing marbles on golf tees and using the screwdrivers to strengthen our hands and improve our fine motor skills.

After reading the story ‘The GIANT Jam Sandwich’ all together on the carpet we then decided to make our own jam sandwiches!!  We used spoons and knives to spread our butter and jam and cut the sandwiches ourselves either into triangles or rectangles (M, PD).  We thought it would be a great idea to have a little picnic with one of our sandwiches at snack time – what a treat!!  They went down very well!! We packed up our other sandwich ourselves into a bag with our name label to take home and perhaps to share with our families!!

What a busy week we’ve had!!  The children have worked so hard and have been a delight to be with! Have a super weekend everyone!

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