Form I News 14th June 2019

14th June 19

We are definitely a class of green fingered girls.  We have planted 6 runner bean plants outside the classroom. We are taking it in turns each week to measure each bean plant and are recording our findings on a chart.  This week Bean number 4 grew the most as it was 5 cubes taller than last week!

Alongside planting we have also been thinking about which part of a vegetable we eat. We eat the roots of a carrot, the stem of a leek, the leaves of a lettuce and the flower of a cauliflower!

We have been to Harpenden swimming pool for our swimming lessons for the last two weeks.  We are all swimming well and improving each week.  Many of the members of the public have commented on what polite and well-behaved girls we are.  Mrs J and Mrs M smile with pride!

On Thursday during History we learnt all about a Victorian explorer called Dr David Livingstone. In 1855 whilst travelling along the Zambezi River he heard a very loud sound; it was louder than thunder. He had discovered a huge waterfall that was known locally as ‘The smoke that thunders’. He decided to rename the waterfall after his Queen. The waterfall is still known as Victoria Falls.

On Friday we celebrated Mrs M’s 6th birthday with a delicious chocolate cake (of course!) ! Happy Birthday Mrs M!

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