Reception Weekly News June 7th

7th June 19

Welcome back everyone!

We were delighted to find out about what had happened to our lovely caterpillars during the holidays. They had turned into butterflies while Mrs Houten was looking after them! We looked at the photographs Mrs Houten had taken and also two little film clips. We spent time writing the next instalment of our Caterpillar Diaries during Literacy. We enjoyed working with our Work Experience helper Ellie, using our cutting skills to order parts of the ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ story. We also loved using a potato masher to print very long and Hungry Caterpillars!

In Mathematics, we jumped straight into our new topic ‘Amazing Authors’ and loved listening to ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ by Julia Donaldson. We then used lots of lovely directional language to help us make a map for Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len. We worked really well in pairs to make our own maps on the floor. We ended our map making with a song by Julia Donaldson herself on the smartboard!

On Tuesday, we enjoyed making our own library cards in Busy Fingers. We also took time making beautiful pictures using the paint sticks, pens and pencils. We loved making up lots of different life cycle and season puzzles as well.

In Literacy, we enjoyed acting out the story of ‘What the Ladybird Heard’, taking it in turns to be different characters, including Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len in their police cars, also known as the EYFS bubble cars! We then went and worked on our own individual maps independently, just as we will in Form I! We labelled all of the different areas of the farm.

In Mathematics, we enjoyed exploring our new Library Role Play Area. We acted out lots of different scenarios, including paying our library fines! We looked at 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins and tried to work out how to pay for different amounts of fines, from 2p up to 20p. We are getting to know the coins and using our super counting in different steps each time.

On Wednesday, we had a busy morning walking to Rothamsted swimming pool for our first swimming lesson. We listened carefully to our swimming instructors and loved learning new swimming techniques.

We enjoyed listening to Alexa’s version of ‘The Highway Rat’ and decided to make ‘Wanted’ posters to warn people of the Highway Rat! Lots of us spent time acting out the story with our friends in the Outdoor Classroom during ChIL.

In the afternoon, we decided to make ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ inspired biscuits. We made icing, added eyes, legs and spotty dots. We thought they look delicious and couldn’t wait to take them home for our pudding!

Some of us also took time to design our own ladybird using different coloured card.

On Thursday, we did a little bit of Phonic revision, to make sure we are still remembering all of our sounds and tricky words. We then moved onto looking at our next Julia Donaldson book, Stickman. It appears that this is one of our favourites, as most of us had read it many times before and could retell the story in quite amazing detail! We retold the story as a class and then watched a 5 minute film of the illustrator, Axel Scheffler, reading the story. We then practised our sentence construction by writing some super sentences about where the Stickman was situated in various pictures on the Smart Board. We came up with our sentences independently and remembered finger spaces, capital letters and full stops. Some of us extended ourselves to write more than one sentence about each picture. Wonderful!

In Maths, we continued to look at Money.  We counted up how many coins were in the piggy bank on the Smart Board. We are now realising that we can’t just count up the coins to find the amount (unless they are 1ps of course!) We need to see how much each coin is worth and go from there.

In the afternoon, we all had a go at drawing and labelling a family tree, in connection with the Stickman story. We spoke about our relatives, what their names are and where they live. We were joined by the Nursery children too, and had a lovely time playing a Stickman counter and dice game, drawing the Stickman’s dreams and having some outdoor ChIL time.

On Friday, we had assembly to begin the day and then had our usual Friday handwriting session.  This week we focused on the letters m and n.  We did very well with these letters and even moved onto writing the capitals too.

In Maths, we rounded off our Money topic with a carousel of activities.  We all had a turn at three different activities.  These involved counting real coins out of a purse, digging for coins in the sand pit and putting them in groups and adding them up and also cutting and sticking different coins into the correct places on a sheet.

In the afternoon, we had a PE lesson and then finished the week with a healthy snack and a calm and peaceful mindfulness session.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, and see you next week for more learning and fun!

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