Nursery News 7th June 2019

7th June 19

Welcome back after half-term and a special welcome to our new friend Gracie. This week we are starting our exciting new food topic with a week learning about ‘Fruit and Vegetables’.

In Busy Fingers we used cut vegetables to dip in paint and make patterns, (EAD and PD). We used onions, carrots, courgette, sweet potato and potatoes.

We also played a funny game with Mrs Holdstock called ‘Tummy Ache’. We took turns nicely and had lots of fun, (PSE).

In our adult-led activity we listened to the story ‘The Enormous Turnip’. We all took a role within the story and acted it out, adding some narrative as we did so, (EAD, CL, PSE and Literacy). After the story we talked about how it is good to work together to get a job done. We also talked about eating our 5-a-day and why fruit and vegetables are good for us.

In inside ChIL we enjoyed playing in our new cafe area, serving our friends and writing orders, (Literacy, EAD and PD).

On Tuesday morning we continued to work on our ‘Fruit and Vegetable’ topic. We looked at some different fruit including apple, pear, orange and banana. We tried to identify the shape and then draw the outline. We then tried to colour them in using the correct colours, (Maths, EAD and PD).

In our Jolly Phonics lesson we recapped all the sounds we have previously learnt. We are so quick at recognising the letter as it appears on the smart board and then making the correct sound and action, (Literacy). We then learnt our new sound ‘v’ and also tried some Sound Talk with Inky Mouse.

After some busy ChIL both inside and outside we had our Library session where we shared the story ‘The Princess and the Peas’. It was a funny story and we were very good at telling our teachers all about the story and characters, (Literacy).

We were very excited on Wednesday morning for our trip to Waitrose to buy vegetables. We walked to town very sensibly taking great care to look and listen carefully for traffic, (UW). When we got to Waitrose we found the fruit and vegetable section and looked at lots of different types. We looked at the colours, shapes and textures, (EAD, Maths and UW). We then looked at a shopping list which had on pictures and words for the vegetables we needed to buy. Each group found three different vegetables, weighed them and then took them to the till to pay. We then walked back to school, Our teachers were very proud of our behaviour at the shops and how well we walked to town and back. Thank you to Mrs Fulton for accompanying our trip.

We had a really good Music lesson when we got back. We used coloured scarves to wave and catch in time to music. We then worked on our show songs and dance routine, (EAD).

In the afternoon with Mrs Radgman we looked at the vegetables we had bought and thought about their colour and shapes and where they grew. We then tried to draw and colour in our vegetables using the correct colours, (PD and EAD).

On Thursday we had such an exciting time!!  To begin with in Busy Fingers we planted cress seeds to take home and perhaps eat if we are feeling brave!  We knew that the seeds needed a nice bed of soil to be tucked into and also that it was important to water the seeds to help them grow (UW).

After this we listened to a story about ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’.  Oliver had gone to stay at his Grandparents’ house and tried lots of new vegetables during his stay.  We then used the vegetables that we bought in Waitrose yesterday to make our own vegetable soup! We learnt about why we should wash the vegetables before we eat them and what each vegetable looks like once it has been peeled!  We worked really hard to chop the vegetables ourselves using our strong hands (PD) and Mrs Radgman cooked the vegetables to make them nice and soft to eat.  We hope you enjoyed eating our soup!!

We had another practice of one of the songs we are learning for our junior school production today and we are really getting rather good at it! We are using our strong singing voices as well as using the actions to help us remember the words (EAD).

In the afternoon, we made clay vegetables by looking closely at the shapes and again using our strong hands to shape the clay into the appropriate size and shape for each piece of vegetable (PD, UW and EAD). What a busy, busy day!

On Friday morning we played the Phonic Fishing game with Mrs Holdstock, fishing out letters and matching initial sounds to pictures on a picture board, (Literacy). We are very good at this now and Mrs Holdstock was very pleased with us.

In our adult-led activity we read the story ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad’. We thought about all the different fruits in the story and where they grow. We then made fruit kebabs carefully pushing fruit onto wooden sticks, (PD and EAD). They look really yummy!

Sadly our swimming lesson had to be cancelled as the weather wasn’t very good. Hopefully the sun will shine on us next week. Instead we had a great indoor ChIL session. We painted the clay vegetables that we made yesterday using the correct colours, (PD). They look fabulous! We had a great play in the cafe acting out ordering our school lunch.

Next week we will be thinking about our Daddies and all the special things they do for us. We will also be learning about ‘Bread and Cakes’! Yum!

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