Nursery Weekly News 24th May 2019

24th May 19

Today we began our exciting new topic, ‘Babies’.

In ChIL we tried really hard to dress babies in baby grows. It was hard to manipulate their arms and legs into the sleeves and legs, even though these babies didn’t wriggle. We then used our strong fingers to pop the poppers together, (PD and PSE).

We also played a great game with Mrs Holdstock called ‘Dobble’. We love this game and are all getting really good at it, (PSE).

In our adult led activity we talked about babies and how to look after them. We also thought of the things that they can and can’t do. We learnt that a young baby can’t talk, walk or crawl. We finished our learning by watching ‘Topsy and Tim and baby Jack’, (CL, PSE and UW).

In outside ChIL we put our new found baby knowledge into practical use. We had our own babies and then used all sorts of equipment to look after them, (EAD).

We had a brief playtime on the field and then in inside ChIL we thought about our trip to the zoo last week and drew our favourite animals for our new wall display. It looks fabulous.

On Tuesday morning we designed patterned bibs for babies. We used paint dabbers and stickers and then cut them out, (PD and EAD). We also coloured in pictures of families, trying our very best to stay within the lines,(PD and EAD). We also used our phonic knowledge to write titles for our zoo animal pictures, (Literacy). You will be amazed!

In our Jolly Phonics lesson we recapped all our previously learnt sounds and then learnt our new sound ‘w’. We then played a really fun game called ‘Across the River’. We each took it in turns to come to Mrs Radgman who showed us a simple cvc word. We sounded each letter and blended them together. If we were a little unsure our friends helped us. When we got the word correct we were able to leap over the river to the island. Every one got over the cold river safely, even Mrs Weir and Mrs Radgman.

After a quick ChIL in the sunshine we went to the Library with our toys for a lovely story and to hear Peter Rabbit’s adventures from the day before.

During ‘Busy Fingers’ on Wednesday morning we played with the dolls house pretending to be families with babies, (EAD).

We looked at the photos of our families and tried to recreate all the members of our family using tap-a-shape, (PD and EAD). We then used our phonic knowledge to write captions for our pictures.

In our adult-led activity we worked in groups looking at and talking about our family and baby pictures. We worked out how many members there were in each family and looked at who had more, less or the same. We then drew our families and labelled our drawings with the number that corresponded to our family, (Maths, Literacy, CL). Tomorrow we are going to turn this information into a family pictogram.

In Music we added actions to our show song. Mrs Harte is so pleased with how well we are learning everything.

On Thursday morning we welcomed the Mummies and Daddies to our ‘Celebration of Work’. We proudly showed them our work and had a quick play too. Thank you for coming.

In our adult-led activity we made our family pictogram. We each counted the number of people in our families and then wrote the number and pinned it onto the chart. We explored the language of ‘more’, ‘less’ and ‘the same’. We also totalled all three columns and found that the total was the number of children in the Nursery, nine, (Maths). Fantastic work, well done Nursery!

We then had a visit from some new friends. Gracie and Jemima will be joining us after the half-term holiday, we are really excited to welcome them. We had a fabulous inside ChIL and our teachers were really proud of our welcoming we were to our new friends, (PSE).

In the afternoon with Mrs Radgman we looked at the baby clothes and toys we had brought into Nursery. We each took turns to talk about our items and then our friends asked some questions. It was such fun looking at the toys we used to play with and the tiny clothes we used to wear, (CL and PSE).

What a surprise we had today! Our teachers had planned us a Marble Jar party for filling our jar with 83 marbles. Hooray! We changed into our swimming costumes and headed for the field where Mr Nick had put the hose and an octopus sprinkler for us to run around in. We had a fabulous time!

We then went inside for some party games. We played musical statues, musical bumps and musical chairs. We had a really yummy party snack too.

We then dashed to Music and learnt a new song for our show, before Mrs Roberts-Sklar arrived with baby Clara. We asked lots of sensible questions, listened to advice from big sister Freya and took it in turns to quietly touch baby Clara’s feet. We really enjoyed our session. Thank you to the Roberts-Sklar family.

Wow what a great end to half-term. Have fantastic holidays and we’ll see you in a week for more fun and learning in Nursery.

Mrs Radgman and Mrs Weir xx

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