Form I News 24th May 2019

24th May 19

After a busy half term we’ve been rather tired this week so we asked Mrs Matthews to do some writing on the board for us instead of doing it ourselves!  Mrs Matthews tried her very best and remembered to use a capital letter, finger spaces, tall and short letters, she spelt tricky words correctly and even remembered a full stop. We read her sentences together as a whole class and gave her a clap but we decided that actually (no offence Mrs M) that her sentences were a little dull! Luckily Saffron came up with a brilliant idea – we could add some adjectives!  Soon our sentences were transformed and Mrs M was actually very grateful for our help.

During Maths we have been working hard to solve problems involving number bonds to 10, 20 and even 100. We have also been playing different Maths games and trying to work together to set up the game, play the game and then tidy it away. We talked a lot about taking turns and thinking of other people’s feelings not just our own. We have also been working very hard to recognise when we are using a quiet voice rather than a very loud voice.

We were very excited on Tuesday that the sun was shining and Mrs Rushbrook allowed us to swim in the school pool. We all listened to the safety instructions and had great fun. After half term we will swim in the school pool on Tuesdays and at Harpenden pool on Wednesdays.

On Thursday afternoon we came back from PE to find that Mrs J and Mrs M had been replaced by two Victorian washerwomen called Joan and Mavis.  They asked us if we were ready to do some hard work and then took us outside to help them with their washing. We had to grate the carbolic soap into the water (it was very smelly), agitate the clothes in the water before scrubbing them both on the washboard and with scrubbing brushes. We then had to do it all again and then rinse the clothes before putting them through the mangle and hanging them on the line to dry.  Phew! It was fun but rather hard work.  Evie decided that it was really fun doing it for today but she wouldn’t fancy having to wash all her families clothes for a whole day!

In Drama we have begun work on our Junior school production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfettes.  We will be bringing an orange piece of card home with some lines to learn by heart over the holiday.  We have been joining up with Form II so that we can practice together.

We are all rather tired after another busy week so please may we put our feet up and relax over the weekend?

Have a lovely weekend and half term holiday everyone.

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