Reception Weekly News May 17th

17th May 19

What a fun start to the week we have had! We made our own number bond beanstalks in Busy Fingers, trying so hard to work out which two numbers to together to make 10!

In Literacy, we enjoyed listening to ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’. We decided to make our own class book, writing a sentence about each picture and even wrote a blurb to entice readers to read our class book. We liked making our own Jasper’s Beanstalk story planners, trying hard to recall the main characters, story setting and what main events happen in the beginning, middle and end of the story.

In Mathematics, we practised lots of maths skills during our Mental Maths session, including doubling, halving, counting in different steps, one more and one less.

We took time making up stories which included addition and subtraction problems. We tried hard to write them using the correct signs each time. We enjoyed listening to a spider take away rhyme, writing the subtraction number sentences each time.

In ChIL, we decided to make something to scare away the birds and stop them from eating all of our newly planted seeds and strawberries! We used lots of different recyclable materials which we had brought in from home. They look so bright and vibrant and a little bit scary hanging above our flower beds!

Tuesday’s Busy Fingers was very busy! We used Purple Mash to make some beautiful butterflies. We used watercolours to paint even more flowers for our flower window.

We painted some vegetables for Oliver’s vegetable patch display using our knowledge of 3D shapes to help us with the shapes.

In Literacy, we worked hard in our Caterpillar Diaries. They have grown really long and fat now!

In Mathematics, we took time to work out one more and one less than a number using number lines, our fingers and cubes.

We ended the day with a Buzzy Bee Yoga session, stretching and using yoga moves along to a super story on the Smartboard.

On Wednesday, in Literacy we looked carefully at the caterpillars again and noticed that three had crawled up to the top of the pot, one has turned into a chrysalis and one is still munching on the food. We decided he must be the very hungry caterpillar! We also wrote labels for Oliver’s Grandpa’s vegetables.

Before playtime, we decided to check on our cress experiment to see how the cress seeds are growing. The cress which was away from the light was really tall and yellow. The cress growing outside in the sun was so green, thick and lush! The cress without water hadn’t grown at all!

During Mathematics, Miss Smith noticed a letter on her desk, from Oliver’s Grandpa. He wanted to know which vegetables we liked the most, so he could plant some in his vegetable patch. We all drew our favourite vegetable and turned them into a really clear pictogram. We could see how many girls liked each vegetable, which were the most and least popular and could even answer tricky questions including how many more girls like one vegetable more than another vegetable. We then put our information onto pictogram on the Smartboard.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed making cheese and chive scones using fresh chive herbs. We mixed, crumbled, grated, snipped chives and crushed garlic to make delicious cheese scones. The smell in the classroom was amazing!

We ended the day by planting some tomato plants in the Outdoor Classroom, before enjoying another Helicopter story on our classroom stage.

On Thursday we all came to school in a very excited frenzy!  We were going on our trip to Aylett’s Garden Centre!

After a quick Busy Fingers session, we boarded the coach and travelled to the Garden Centre.  A few of us spotted some houses and shops we were familiar with!  Upon arrival, we gathered by the entrance and looked at the first photo in our treasure hunt.  It was of lots and lots of bird seed and bird feeders.  Our first challenge was to find the bird seed.  We hunted and hunted and eventually found it!  We then had to find some other things we had pictures of, such as flower seeds, tools and beautiful purple flowers.  We had a quick snack stop and a photo taken by the wooden play area and then carried on with our treasure hunt.  We finished the visit by choosing some herbs to buy, ready to plant in a wheelbarrow in our Outdoor Classroom.

When we got back to school it was lunch time.  What a busy morning!

In the afternoon, we had indoor and outdoor ChIL time.  We all had a go and snipping off some stems of rosemary from the bush outside and then stripped the stalks of their leaves and collected them in a bowl.  The classroom smelt wonderful!  We then each made a scented bag using a square of fabric and some wool to tie it up over a pile of rosemary.  They made our book bags smell lovely!

Whilst the rosemary bags were being made, the rest of us either played with the small world Space set up, the magnetic construction or did some observational drawings of the herbs we bought in the morning.  We discovered that there are metal bars underneath the tables and created some wonderful sculptures with the magnets, by sitting underneath the tables with our friends!

On Friday, after assembly, we worked on telling the time.  We discussed different times of day, what happens at certain points of the day and then made o’clock times.  Some of moved on to making half past times too.

After playtime we did some sentence construction work, building on what we learnt last week.  We took it in turns to take objects out of feely bags and created a scene using these objects.  We then had a go at writing a sentence about the scene on a little whiteboard.  We are very good at remembering what to include now!

After lunch we had a PE session with Mrs Rushbrook and then a calming mindfulness session, including some mindfulness colouring for the last ten minutes.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend, fingers crossed the sun will be shining!  See you on Monday for our last week at school before half term.

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