Nursery Weekly News 17th May 2019

17th May 19

We started our new topic ‘Baby Animals’ with a very industrious ‘Busy Fingers’.

We played a game of pairs with Mrs Holdstock matching adult and baby animals, (PSE and UW). We made zoos with Duplo, (EAD) and some of us used rollers to paint over animal stencils, (PD and EAD).

Some of us used our phonic knowledge to write labels and captions for our new display, (PD and Literacy). It looks amazing.

In our adult-led activity we read and acted out the story ‘Owl Babies’ by Martin Waddell. Some of us took a part in the story and added a narrative, whilst some of us added music, (EAD, Literacy and PSE). After a brilliant performance we talked about the differences between the adult and baby owls in the story and also thought about the characters, setting and sequence of the story.

We had a great ChIL in the lovely sunshine and had snack outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.

On Tuesday morning we worked on our ‘Jigsaw Challenge’ completing different size animal jigsaws. We worked as teams and completed lots, (PSE and Maths).

We also used real money to fill money boxes, open the ‘Money Monsters’ and put coins in and also tried to write our new sound ‘z’ on wipe boards, (PD and Literacy).

In our Jolly Phonics lesson we recapped all our previously learnt sounds, making the actions and linking them to letters. We then learnt our new sound ‘z’. After wards we played a baby and adult animal game. We found an animal in a bag and had to think of the initial sound and match it to a letter tile. We then had to think of the corresponding baby animal and see if the initial sound was the same or different. We worked really hard.

We all read our core books with our teachers during outside ChIL, (Literacy). They are really pleased with how hard we are working.

On Wednesday morning we thought about our trip to the Zoo the following day. We used wooden construction and small animals to make enclosures for the animals, (PD, UW and EAD). We tried to think of all the different names for adult and baby animals, (CL).

In our adult-led activity time we looked at photos on the Smart Board of Mrs Radgman’s recent visit to Whipsnade Zoo when she planned a route, found out which animals had recently had babies and made sure we would be safe in all parts of the zoo. We talked about the rules and routines of our visit to the zoo, (PSE).  We are going to have so much fun!

In inside ChIL we painted some of the tadpoles, frogs and frog spawn that we made last week. We are going to make a great display with them for our class room, (EAD).

We enjoyed learning one of our summer show songs with Mrs Weir, (EAD). You’re going to love the show!

In the afternoon with Mrs Radgman we listened to the story ‘The Ugly Duckling’. We talked about the adult and baby names for ducks and swans and then drew and collaged our own birds. We will add these to our beautiful wall display, (Literacy and EAD).

On Thursday we arrived at school with great excitement ready for our trip to the zoo!!  After we had enjoyed a little bit of Busy Fingers in the classroom, we started getting ready to leave.  We collected our packed lunches and sunhats and set off for the zoo.

We saw lots and lots of beautiful animals including Lemurs, Rhinos, Bears, Red Pandas and Giraffes!!  We measured ourselves against the giraffes and the huge ruler and watched the Sea Lion show, managing to stay dry even when Dominic the big sea lion made a huge splash! After this we had our lunch!! We ate it next to the tiger enclosure and then Mrs Radgman read us the story ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’.

Next it was a trip to see the Elephants where everyone got very excited about climbing on the statue of the elephant poo!! After a super day we headed back towards the car park via the farm area and watched goats climbing to get to their food and heard the peacock calling.  We met the mummies who kindly came to transport us to and from the zoo and returned to school.  Wow! What a fantastic day we all had and how excellently behaved the children were.

On Friday morning we made some ‘Thank you’ cards for the people who helped us on our zoo trip. We all wrote our names and some of us wrote some lovely messages using our phonic knowledge, (PD, PSE and Literacy).

Emilie then told us all about the exciting news of baby Rory’s arrival. Emilie is now a big sister! Congratulations Mr and Mrs Ryan. We can’t wait to meet baby Rory.

We then discovered that Peter Rabbit had seen some strange boxes left all around the school. We set off on our Welly Walk to find them. We found a cereal box with a lion in, a toothpaste box with a frog in, a chocolate box with a puppy in and many more. We were very puzzled! Than at last we found another cereal  box and all became clear when we opened it to find ‘Dear Zoo’. We went to the Outside Classroom and Mrs Radgman read us the story and we made some amazing predictions throughout, (Literacy). We then read ‘Don’t Tickle a Tiger’, a book that Freya had kindly brought in. After our Outdoor Learning session we all pretended to be elephants and walked back to our classroom holding nose to tail.

After a quick snack our teachers produced a treat for us for being so good at the Zoo. We all enjoyed a lovely ice lolly whilst enjoying a ‘Topsy and Tim’ dvd.

We had such a busy week with lots of learning and fun. They’ll be more next week when we learn about real babies and receive a visit from Mrs Roberts-Sklar and baby Clara.

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