Form I News 17th May 2019

17th May 19

Form I have been busy this term learning about life during the Victorian days.  We have looked at films, images and a variety of artefacts and have been discovering how life was different in the Victorian days.

Many people had to grow their own food rather than buy it in a supermarket as we do. One afternoon we were talking about growing our own food when Mrs Comer suddenly rushed into our classroom. She had found a surprise package on her desk in the office. It appeared out of nowhere and was addressed to Form I.  Cicely opened the envelope and inside we found a letter from a boy named Jack saying that he had some spare bean seeds and wondered if Form I would like to plant them.  Heather spotted some plastic cups on the window sill so we decided to plant the beans and see what happened. So far Leah’s bean has grown the most but we are enjoying observing them all as they begin to grow.

During Art we have been looking at works of art by the famous impressionist painter Claude Monet.  Monet was French and loved to paint pictures of what was in front of him. He worked hard to study the effects of light and shadow in his pictures.  We took inspiration from his paintings of the waterlily pond in his garden to try to create our own Monet style pictures. We used oil pastels and watercolours to add different effects to our paintings and were very pleased with the results.

In History we read some books and then watched Magic Grandad who took us on a journey into the past. We discovered how life at home was rather different to how we know it now. Nobody had any electricity so they had to use their fire or range to heat any water for cooking, drinking or washing. It also meant that all the clothes had to be washed by hand and it would have taken a whole day to scrub our family’s clothes. We were rather put out to hear that because we are girls we would have had to wash our brother’s clothes! Our teachers then brought in a real mangle, wash tub, wash board, some carbolic soap, scrubbing brushes and iron.  We are looking forward to trying them out soon!

This was in preparation for our exciting day on Monday. The sun was shining as we set off on a coach to the British Schools Museum in Hitchin. We arrived at the museum and were taken into a room where we could leave our coats and lunch bags. Next we were each given an apron to wear to transform us into Victorian schoolgirls before meeting our Victorian school teacher. She was a little scary but luckily we knew that she was just a normal lady pretending to be from the Victorian times. She had to pretend to be scary because that’s how teachers were in 1880. We had a real lesson in an 1880’s classroom. We had to sit up very straight without smiling and do exactly as our teacher asked us to do. After our lesson the teacher smiled and told her that her real name was Margaret and she was actually very friendly!

After a delicious packed lunch we had time to do drill before having a ‘hands-on’ session where we were allowed to touch, feel and play with lots of Victorian household implements and toys. We had a great day and learnt so much but were also rather relieved that we don’t actually have to go to school in the Victorian times. We would like to say a big thank you to our helper mum and dad!

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