Reception Weekly News May 10th

10th May 19

Welcome back after the Bank Holiday!

We were excited to see how the caterpillars had changed over our long weekend. They have grown longer and fatter already!

On Monday, in Literacy, we enjoyed writing about the caterpillars in our new Caterpillar Diaries.

At the end of Literacy, we crept upstairs to visit our lovely school library. We enjoyed sharing books with our friends and can’t wait to choose our own book to take home next week.

In ChIL, we enjoyed decorating a flower pot with sponges. We can’t wait to use them to plant some seeds later in the week.

On Wednesday in Busy Fingers, we enjoyed using pens to add details to our flowerpots. We liked using the paint sticks to decorate flowers for our classroom window.

We were suddenly overcome with excitement to see what had happened to the cress seeds over the weekend! We dashed around the classroom with magnifying glasses to see how they had all grown. We noticed the cress seeds in the darker area of the room were yellow and that the cress without any water hadn’t grown at all! We can’t wait to keep an eye on them over the next week.

In Literacy, we loved listening to ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’. We decided to use our amazing phonics knowledge to write Mrs Kendall a shopping list to buy some vegetables to make vegetable soup the next day. Mrs Bishop quickly took photographs of them and sent them to Mrs Kendall on her phone! Sainsbury’s here she comes!

We also took time to write our Caterpillar Diaries, paint and print with vegetables and use the Jolly Phonics app on the iPads.

In Mathematics, we enjoyed ordering numbers from the smallest to the biggest. We showed off our adding skills with Mrs Bishop by showing her how we can use number lines when adding two amounts and also by counting on from the largest number!

In ChIL, we loved taste testing lots of unusual vegetables, including radishes, watercress, celery, sugarsnap peas, avocado and yellow pepper. We used some lovely descriptive words to describe the taste, smell and feel of the vegetables and then used a simple chart to record whether we liked them or didn’t like them.

There was an enormous thunder storm during the afternoon and huge hail stones fell on the Outdoor Classroom. We loved watching the storm through the window.

We also enjoyed planting pumpkin seeds in our flower pots with Mrs Houten, using the garden tools carefully. We hope they grow and produce a pumpkin in time for next Halloween!

We ended the day with two ‘Princess, Dragon and Helicopter’ stories told by Sofia and Isabella. We loved acting out the stories for the girls and can’t wait for our turn to tell a story over the next few weeks.

In Literacy on Thursday, we worked on sentence construction.  We each had a little whiteboard and tried our best to write super sentences about pictures we could see on the Smart Board.  We remembered that a super sentence needs a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop.  We also learnt to re-read our sentence after we had written in, to make sure it made sense.

At the tables, we each had a go at writing about either an underwater scene or a farm scene, using the sound cards and tricky word cards to help us.  Some of us also tried constructing sentences with a jigsaw puzzle, wrote tricky words with carrots dipped in orange paint and unjumbled some sentences so they made sense.

After our healthy snack, we did some quick fire addition sums to really get our brains working and then had our Music lesson with Mrs Harte.

In the afternoon, we made some vegetable soup, in keeping with our book ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’.  We all had a good look, feel and smell of the vegetables and used some lovely describing words to describe the vegetables to each other.  Mrs Kendall used a sharp knife to chop the potatoes, leeks, parsnips and carrots and we had a little taste of the raw carrot before it went in the soup.  We then measured out the right amount of stock and water.  It smelt delicious while it was cooking!

On Friday, we had a handwriting session to start the day.  We learnt how to form the letters m and n.  We used scarves and big arm movements to begin with, before using whiteboards and pens.  We had a go at writing the letters on the Smart Board too.  We then used our handwriting books to practise the letters in.  We are all getting better and better at forming our letters!

Miss Smith took us for our morning PE lesson and we had a great time in the hall doing some Very Hungry Caterpillar yoga,  We did lots of stretching and breathing and felt most relaxed by the end!

We had a try of the soup we cooked yesterday for our snack. A few of us asked for seconds, some didn’t fancy a try and others had a good few spoonfuls!

In Maths, we had a go at some addition sums using vegetables.  We used lots of lovely vegetables in the circle we were sat in and then went to our tables to work out some sums on a sheet.  Some of us are learning to count on now, rather than counting from 1 each time!

After lunch we had a PE session outside with Mrs Kendall.  We practised our throwing and catching skills with beanbags and also did some balancing. We then relaxed for 20 minutes with a peaceful mindfulness session.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and see you on Monday for another fun packed week!

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