Reception Weekly News May 3rd

3rd May 19

We started our topic ‘Our Glorious Garden’ with some fun gardening in the Outdoor Classroom.

We moved the strawberry plants into one flower bed, weeded it and watered it.

We then raked and weeded a second flower bed, before thinking about how we could attract butterflies into our Outdoor Classroom. We decided we needed bright flowers, so we made a rainbow using sticks and ribbons. We then planted lots of different seeds which will hopefully grow into bright flowers, including yellow marigolds, orange nasturtiums, blue nemesia, and purple lobelias. We can’t wait to see if they grow into a beautiful rainbow!

We also planted petunia plants in old wellington boots, just like in the story of ‘Eddie’s garden’.

On Tuesday, we enjoyed a butterfly themed Busy Fingers. We made spilt pin butterflies. We took time to look up different butterflies in an information book before designing our own one.

In ChIL time, we loved planting lots of different seeds in our colourful rainbow. We made a little line for the seeds to lie on and then sowed the seeds. We carefully covered them up with a little bit of soil before giving them a gentle water.

We ended the day with a new initiative we are starting in Reception ‘Princesses, Dragons and Helicopter Stories’. We are all becoming actors and will be taking it in turns to both make up our own stories and also act them out with our friends. We really enjoyed acting out some simple stories and can’t wait for our turn to tell a story and see if come to life with our friends.

On Wednesday, we enjoyed another Butterfly themed Busy Fingers. We made peg caterpillars, just like ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. We have been exploring minibeasts using magnifying glasses and binoculars!

In Literacy, some of us enjoyed telling Mrs Chapman our stories and acting it out with our friends at the end of the day. We learnt about what a plant needs to grow. We then made posters to help our parents know how to look after plants at home!

In Mathematics, we enjoyed naming 2D shapes, focusing on sides and corners. We played ‘Pinned on me’ and have become really confident when describing the shapes to our friends. We enjoyed working on a variety of different shape activities, including making shape monsters, shape printing and drawing 2D shapes.

In ChIL, we planted lots of cress seeds in soil and chose six different places to put them. We chose places including somewhere dark and cold, hot and dry, in the Outdoor Classroom, in the Reception Classroom and also in Mr Nick’s shed! We can’t wait to see what happens to the cress over the next few weeks!

On Thursday, we enjoyed making garden scenes with the Tap-A-Shape, using paint dabbers to make beautiful flowers and made some caterpillars out of pegs, pipe cleaners and felt pens. They look just like the Very Hungry Caterpillar!

We then had a Maths session, focusing on mental maths. Our teacher was very proud of how well we did, answering the questions!

After playtime we did some work on sentence construction.  We looked at a pretty picture of some bluebell woods and each came up with a short sentence about what we could see.  We then formed a human sentence using cards and focused on using a capital letter, full stop and spaces between the words.

In the afternoon, we all made a paper plate life cycle! We learned about the life cycle of a butterfly and then used different materials to represent the different stages of life. We then had a lovely outdoor ChIL in the sunshine, where we remembered to water the plants we have planted this week.

On Friday, in Literacy we focused on what we need to remember when writing sentences. We all had a good go at writing some simple sentences, remembering full stops, capital letters and finger spaces.

We had two PE sessions today so were thankful for a peaceful mindfulness session to end the week.

We hope you have a fantastic weekend, see you all on Monday!

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