Nursery Weekly News 3rd May 2019

3rd May 19

Today we began work on your new topic ‘The Life Cycle of a Seed’.

In ‘Busy Fingers’ we played  a game with Mrs Holdstock called ‘ The Flower Pot Game’. We played beautifully together and also made the cards into the tallest flower, which we then counted. It was 28 cards tall, (Maths and PSE).

We also used tweezers to pick runner beans out of trays of sunflower seeds and transfer them to pots. We then counted our beans using one to one correspondence, (Maths, PD and UW).

Some of us planted cress seeds in real egg shells and then put a picture of our face on the front. When the seeds grow it will look like our hair is growing out of our heads, (UW and PD).

In our adult-led activity we read the story ‘The Tiny Seed’ by Eric Carle. We listened carefully to the story and talked about what things were needed for the seed to grow. At the end we tried to tell our teachers what happened to the seed in the beginning, middle and end of the story, (Literacy). After the story we went outside and planted a sunflower seed and a wild flower meadow in our blue trough. We are going to water it each day and watch our seeds grow, (UW).

We had a great ChIL playing in our Baby Clinic role-play area feeding babies, weighing babies and dressing them, (EAD).

On Tuesday in ‘Busy Fingers’ many of us coloured in flowers and then used our phonic knowledge to write messages for our families, (EAD, PSE, PD and Literacy).

We worked together completing some flower jigsaw puzzles. One was really tricky but we persevered and completed it, (Maths).

In our Phonics lesson we learnt our new sound ‘b’ and revisited all our previously learnt sounds. We then worked in two groups. One group played ‘Pass the Bag Around the Ring’ pulling out objects with the initial sound ‘b’. We had a banana, ball, baby and many more. The other group worked on their ‘Sound Talk’ with Inky Mouse. Mrs Radgman wrote some letters on a board and we made the sound for them and then realised that together they made words. We sounded and blended the words and made ‘hen’, ‘sit’, ‘hat’, ‘sat’ and ‘cat’. Mrs Radgman then gave us a board and we listened carefully as she said a word to us. We then used our phonic knowledge to try to write all the sounds in the word, (Literacy).

After a lovely ChIL in the sunshine we climbed up the stairs to the Library for a story and Peter Rabbit’s latest news, (Literacy).

On Wednesday morning we used water colours to paint some lovely flower pictures.

Freya wrote a lovely sign for our flower meadow to make sure that no one dug it up be accident, (Literacy and PD).

In our adult-led activity we explored the concept of size, ordering our runner beans and photos by size. We used lots of lovely Maths language, such as smaller, taller, smallest, tallest, bigger than and medium sized. We used different rulers to measure the beans and counted to 30. We also had a ruler that had 100 written on it. We learnt that these measurements were called centimetres, (Maths). Wow that was a big word to learn! We are going to measure ourselves this week and see if we are bigger or smaller than our beans.

After a great outdoor ChIL working on our balancing skills using stilts, (PD) and having more fun in our Garden Centre role-play area, (EAD), we rushed off to our Music lesson with Mrs Harte where we used claves to keep a steady beat in time with our friend Elmo!  We also had a sneaky peak at a film which gave us a clue about our Summer Production later on in the term.

We finished the session with Thea telling us about an adventure that Listening Lily had yesterday. As Thea jumped on the trampoline Lily jumped over the fence! Daddy had to go round to a neighbours house to find Lily and bring her home. Thea acted out the story for us and we all had a good laugh, (CL).

In the afternoon with Mrs Radgman we read the story “Titch” by Pat Hutchins. In the story Titch grew a giant beanstalk. We then made our own Titch books using pictures from the story and our emerging phonic knowledge to write captions, (Literacy).

On Thursday morning Thea painted us a lovely beanstalk in preparation for our adult-led activity. We pretended to be a runner bean deep in the soil. We then grew roots, a stalk, leaves, a flower and eventually a runner bean. Mrs Weir then came and picked all the runner beans for her tea, (UW and EAD). We then coloured in a leaf each, wrote our names and then one by one we were measured and put our leaves on the correct height on the beanstalk, (Maths).

In indoor ChIL we worked on numbers. Some of us matched number to quantity hanging plastic clips onto numbers and some of us used wipe boards to try to write numbers, (Maths).

In the afternoon with Mrs Radgman we looked carefully at Tulip flowers. We named the parts of the flower and then tried to draw them, (EAD, UW and PD).

On Friday morning we had a special ‘Busy Fingers’ working on Maths concepts. We tried to name some numbers on cards and then tried to write the numbers on white boards, (Maths and PD). We did really well and our teachers were very impressed. We also explored the language of size again, clipping together  plastic clips and seeing if they were longer or shorter than Mrs Weir. In the end we made it longer than both of them lying down on the floor, (Maths).

In our Outdoor Learning session we worked on our Physical Development down on the tennis court. We warmed our bodies up and then completed an obstacle course where we jumped in hoops, balanced a beanbag on a table tennis racquet, threw beanbags into a hoop, crawled through a tunnel and finally sprinted to the end whilst cheering our friends on. We then played a team football relay dribbling the ball to the end of the court and then passing it back to the next person in our team. We finished our session with some great parachute play and using scooters and bikes to chase around the court. Phew, we were tired!

After a quick Music lesson we presented Gracie with her first ‘What’s Next’ certificate. Well done!

Wow, what a busy week we had with lots of great fun and learning. Next week we will be learning about the life cycle of the butterfly and frog. Have lovely weekends.

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