Reception Weekly News March 29th

29th March 19

What a sleepy way to start the week; with an amazing pyjama party! We had been working so hard that we had filled up our jar with 40 shells! We had chosen to be like ‘Polly Jean Pyjama Queen’ and wear our pyjamas to school.

In Literacy, we enjoyed writing sentences about our pyjamas. We loved icing pyjama cookies, designing our own pyjamas and also cutting and sorting our night time routine.

We enjoyed playing some party games, including Sleeping school girls, Musical beds, Polly Jean’s Four corner game outside and taking part in a pyjama parade!

In the afternoon, we really did chill out with some lovely ChIL time in the spring sunshine in our pyjamas!

On Tuesday, two Form VI girls visited us with Marie Curie daffodils.

In Busy Fingers, we enjoyed making our own simple Mother’s Day card and writing our own message for our special Mums.

We then took a walk into town to buy some daffodils from Sainsburys and ribbon from Threads to wrap around them, but sh! This is a surprise for someone special!

In Literacy, we took time to write a little label to attach to the flowers. Our teachers are so happy with our progress in writing.

On Wednesday, we snuck into the classroom to prepare our flowers. We tied ribbon around the stems and added our little label.

In Mathematics, we enjoyed counting around the circle. We then cut out flowers and ordered them on our own up to 20. We hope we can put them up in our bedrooms at home!

In Literacy, we enjoyed showing off our Phonics skills to visiting Mums and Dads. We learnt a new tricky word ‘my’ and used it in our Mother’s Day cards. We loved playing a magic paint game with Mrs Chapman, discovering tricky words written in invisible ink! We used our cutting skills to make a pretty border for our Mother’s Day card flowers and thought our cards looked amazing at the end!

French with Madame Knight was very topical; Mother’s Day themed. We enjoyed listening to stories in French all about our amazing Mums.

We ended the day with the brilliant House Music competition. We loved seeing the older girls sing and play instruments. The highlight was the girls’ own House songs and dances. What a brilliant way to end the day!

On Thursday, we spent some time in the hall with the older girls, rehearsing for our Easter Service. We then had a lovely playtime followed by the Head’s Commendation assembly. It was lovely to see our hard work being rewarded!

In the afternoon, we had some indoor and outdoor ChIL and also had fun following a recipe to make some delicious honey biscuits! We set out the ingredients and weighed each one carefully. We had lots of fun rolling the little balls of dough in sugar and were amazed to see them flatten out as they cooked!

Friday saw us all walk to the High Street Methodist Church for our Easter Service.

We hope you have a wonderful Easter holiday and look forward to seeing everyone back after a lovely rest, on Wednesday 24th April.

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