Nursery Weekly News 28th March 2019

28th March 19

Today we began our final week of our ‘People Who Help Us’ topic by learning about builders and refuse collectors.

In ‘Busy Fingers’ we played a game called ‘What’s Rubbish’. We had to move counters around the board and each time we landed on a piece of rubbish we had to decide if we could recycle it or if it was rubbish. We managed to recycle bottles, tins, trousers, socks and lots more. We learnt a lot about recycling and keeping our planet safe from rubbish.

In our adult led activity we talked to our teachers about builders who have come to our houses. Freya remembered builders coming to build a kitchen extension at her house and Zoë said that builders had been at her house for a long while, (CL and UW). We then watched ‘Topsy and Tim Busy Builders’ and learnt about keeping safe by wearing hard hats and using tools carefully. We have a building site in our outside area now and are going to mix sand and water and pretend it’s concrete, (EAD).

We also continued to work on a few more secrets that will all be revealed on Thursday!

On Tuesday morning there was a big announcement from Freya! Freya had become a ‘Big Sister’ to baby Clara. Freya told us all about the things she would teach her sister; scooting, walking and keeping safe. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Roberts-Sklar and Freya.

In ‘Busy Fingers’ we worked hard on our finger strength, screwing screws into wood, (PD) and joining plastic paper clips together to match the numbers on cards, (Maths). We also worked on a mosaic putting tiny cubes and prisms into the holes to match the colour in the picture underneath.

In our adult led activity we completed a secret cooking mission. We helped each other to put on aprons and our teachers were very impressed with our independence. We weighed ingredients, mixed ingredients and have made a very yummy surprise for someone we love very much, (PSE, Maths and PD). Later in the session we added some beautiful decoration to our gift.

In outside ChIL we were inspired by Freya’s baby news to play ‘Mummies and Daddies’. We packed up everything a baby needs to go on holiday and off we went, (EAD and PSE).

We had a great ‘Busy Fingers’ working with Mrs Weir on some Maths challenges. We also enjoyed potato printing using lots of different colour paints, (EAD).

We learnt our new sound ‘l’ and had lots of fun making all the sounds and actions for all the sounds we have learnt so far. To practice making our ‘l’ sound Mrs Weir bought us all an ice lolly which we enjoyed licking whilst making our ‘l’ sound.

In ChIL we were joined by the new girls who will be joining us in Reception next year. We made them feel very welcome during a ‘Stay and Play’ session and enjoyed some lovely play and learning inside and outside, (PSE).

After lunch we were off to the Dentist. We all brushed our teeth to make sure they were clean and healthy and then walked to the Wayside Dental Practice. Amit the Dentist showed us around and talked to us about what he did. He explained that he helped people to look after their teeth as teeth were important for eating, smiling and talking. We learnt that ‘2’ was the magic number. We must clean our teeth 2 times a day, we must visit the Dentist 2 times a year and we must brush our teeth for 2 minutes. We answered and asked lots of questions and some of us dressed up as Dentists, (UW, CL and PSE).

Thursday had arrived and it was ‘Marble Jar Treat’ time. First we had a fun French lesson with Madame Bishop, learning the word for cycling, stop and go. We sang a song in French about cycling and then went outside to have a scoot around, (UW and PD).

Whilst we were outside with Madame Bishop Peter Rabbit hopped off on a secret mission leaving a trail of colourful cardboard Easter eggs all over the school and grounds. We raced around the school finding 39 eggs. We even popped into the Staff Room and had a little rest. When we arrived back in Nursery we counted them and then Peter exchanged them for an Easter treat.

We had a great play in the spring sunshine, had a special party snack, played lots of fun party games and then watched a little Peter Rabbit episode.

At 11:45 our Mummies and Freya’s Daddy arrived for our special song. We sang beautifully and then presented our cards and gifts. We told our Mummies how much we love them for all the kind things they do for us. Have a lovely Mother’s Day Mummies and Happy Easter to all the Nursery children and their families. We look forward to seeing everyone in April for more Nursery fun and learning.

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