Reception Weekly News March 22nd

22nd March 19

We have been learning all about Africa and Australia this week in Reception!

On Monday, in Literacy we enjoyed listening to the classic African story of ‘Handa’s Surprise’. We then used our new tricky work ‘they’ and wrote a sentence about the ending where Handa met Akeyo with a basket of tangerines. We took time to make little puppets from the story and also used elastic bands to make striking African patterns.

In Mathematics, we enjoyed watching another brilliant African story of ‘Handa’s Hen’. We quickly discovered it was a counting story and used beads to count along with Handa. We then went and made little counting books which we want to give to the Nursery children to help them with their counting!

In our topic time we learnt about African tribes and how people often wear beautiful necklaces made out of shell, ivory, metal and stone. We looked at lots of different photographs of necklaces and then realised we are kind of in our own tribe with our school uniform; the St Hilda’s School tribe! We decided we wanted to make our own necklaces, so we used paint and paper plates to design them. In ChIL, we loved using little stampers to write messages and taking time to read a very large version of ‘Handa’s surprise!’.

Tuesday was a busy morning with lots of different Busy Finger activities, including making tap a shape pictures and adding speech bubbles using our amazing writing skills!

In Literacy, we learnt about how our amazing world is being spoilt by deforestation and animals becoming endangered. We made posters to try to stop these things happening using our new tricky word ‘no’.

In Mathematics, we enjoyed playing ‘Pinned on Me!’ We had a number pinned to our backs and had to try to guess which number it was using clues from our friends, including it comes before, after and in between different numbers.

At the end of the day we had a lovely surprise! Miss Humphris’ sister had sent us a video message all the way from New Zealand! We talked about how she is from the same country where Annabel’s cousins live. We found out Amanda is a Community Nurse who is younger than Miss Humphris and she has just rescued a little ginger kitten called Mango!

On Wednesday, in Busy Fingers we enjoyed making some beautiful paintings and building some fascinating Lego models, including the British Museum.

In our topic time, we were so excited to walk down to Waitrose for an exotic fruit hunt! We looked at photographs of fruit and searched around the shop for them. We then found out where they came from and located the country on our world map. We met Sarah who works at Waitrose and she kindly gave us some of the fruit for free. We were not expecting that! We put them all into our shopping basket and paid for them at the till. After all of that hard work we had a well-earned drink and snack outside Waitrose on the benches while we consulted our shopping list to check we had bought everything we needed.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed listening to ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad’ before cutting all of the fruits up ourselves and making the most delicious fruit salad ever! We couldn’t wait to eat it at home. We ended our cooking session with a fruit salad song from the Australian Wiggles!

We finished the day with another lovely Show and Tell from a gorgeous zoo in England. We loved seeing one of our friends with all of the animals including chicks, rabbits, pigs, cows and alpacas!

On Thursday we watched a fabulous assembly performed by Form III. It was all about their visit to Cadbury’s World! We came back to class feeling very hungry!

We then had a revision session, on all of the tricky words we have learned so far. We had all of the words on flowers, laid out on the carpet and we took it in turns to turn one over and tell our friends what it said. We then turned them all over and had a go at finding the word that Mrs Kendall told us. Following this, we took part in a carousel of activities, including Tricky Word Bingo, fishing for sounds and writing tricky words on a hug piece if paper, using different colours.  We all had a go at everything!

In Maths, we practised counting forwards, backwards, in twos and tens. We had a go at ordering the numbers on pairs of socks, to make the two times table on a washing line.  We are getting much more confident at this now!

In the afternoon, we moved onto look at Australia.  We learned all about the Great Barrier Reef and then had a go at making very colourful fish out of muffin cases!  We loved flattening our muffin cases, adding googly eyes and brightly coloured fins.  They look amazing!

On Friday, we had a handwriting session and learned how to form the letters ‘r’ and ‘b’.  We used big movements to practise first of all and then used our whiteboards and pens to write lots of lovely letters.  We are so proud of our handwriting books and make such a good effort with our letter formation in them.

In Maths, we did some quick fire mental maths and amazed ourselves at how quickly some of us could answer addition questions!

We had one PE session and then in the afternoon we had fun making some aboriginal art using cotton buds.  We looked at some examples and then had a really good try at copying it onto paper of our own.

What a busy week!  Have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you on Monday for the last week before Easter!

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