Nursery Weekly News 22nd March 2019

22nd March 19

Today was rather a sad start to our week as three of our Nursery friends were poorly and also Mrs Weir. We hope they are back with us soon.

In our ‘Busy Fingers’ the remaining children worked hard using real screwdrivers to screw screws into wood, (PD). We also play a great game with Mrs Holdstock called ‘ Build a Beetle’. We threw the dice, counted the spots and added the feature that corresponded to the number of spots; feet, eyes, antennae, nose, head, etc. We then all pretended to be beetles with antennae, (Maths).

Our new topic work is about Dentists and Opticians, who help us to look after our teeth and eyes. In ‘Busy Fingers’ we used real toothbrushes to brush ‘decay’ from laminated teeth, (PD and UW). We then talked all about visits we had made to Dentists and Opticians and were able to answer and ask lots of questions, (CL and UW).

In the afternoon with Mrs Houten we read the story ‘Topsy and Tim’ at the Dentist’ and talked more about how we can look after our teeth.

Tuesday arrived and we only had three in the class and no Mrs Weir! We worked hard in ‘Busy Fingers’ playing with shapes and making patterns, (EAD and Maths). We also used vehicle stencils to trace around and then added detail inside. We also used our phonic knowledge to write ‘bus’ and ‘train’, (PD and Literacy)

In our Jolly Phonics lesson we learnt our new sound ‘f’. We thought that it looked a little like ‘t’ so we are going to be very careful checking its shape when we are sounding out. We then played a great new game called ‘Sound Bingo’. We each had a card with four sounds on and a star next to them. We watched the Smart Board and saw different letters rolling around. When it stopped we had to say the sound, make the action and then see who had it on their card. If you had it you coloured in the star. We really enjoyed the game and will play it later in the week when our friends are back.

We then welcomed a new friend to the class for a play session. Charlotte will start with us after half-term. We were so kind to her helping her to join in our games. Mrs Radgman was so proud of us, (PSE).

In the afternoon with Mrs Houten we played a new listening game with Mrs Houten called ‘Cock-a-Doodle-Doo’. It was great fun and Mrs Houten thought our listening skills have improved so much, (CL).

On Wednesday morning we were very busy making models with Magformers. Freya made a handbag and Willow made a vehicle, (EAD).

We then enjoyed some music and dance singing one of Tilly’s favourite songs, Sticky Kids ‘Sticks Up High’ followed by some Ring-a-Ring-a-Roses, (EAD and PD).

In our adult led activity we read the story ‘The Selfish Crocodile’. In it he had a bad tooth and as crocodiles can’t go to the Dentist like we can, a little mouse helped him by pulling his tooth out. We then verbally ordered the story and then made little books putting four pictures in the correct order, (Literacy). We then used our emerging phonic knowledge to write captions.

During the morning we were visited by another one of our new friends Gracie. We had a great play with her and showed her all around Nursery. Once again Mrs Radgman was really impressed with our kindness and maturity, (PSE).

In our Music lesson we worked on beat and rhythm. We are trying to learn to clap out a rhythm using quickly, slowly and rest. It’s very tricky and we have to listen well and follow Mrs Harte’s instructions. She is very pleased with how we are doing.

In the afternoon we talked about why we might visit Opticians. We also thought about people who can’t see. We tried a test to see if we could use our sense of smell instead of our sense of sight to find out what Mrs Radgman had hidden in little pots. We sniffed them and then guessed. There was lemon, garlic, curry, washing liquid and vinegar. We thought lemon was orange, we guessed washing liquid and with a few clues we got garlic. It was a fun activity, but we realised how hard it would be if we couldn’t see, (PSE, CL and UW).

On Thursday morning we still had a small class as many of our friends were still poorly, but good news Mrs Weir was back. Get well soon, we miss you all!

We had a great French lesson with Madame Bishop. We recapped all the words we have learnt this term; colours, greetings, numbers and lots more. We then went outside and played a corners game on the playground. Mrs Bishop called out the name of a policeman, fireman, dentist and doctor in French and we had to run to the right picture. It was great fun.

In ChIL we started work on a secret mission for our Mummies! That’s all we can say.

On Friday we worked on a great challenge in ‘Busy Fingers’, trying to construct a huge marble run, (PD). We worked together with Mrs Holdstock and our teachers and built an enormous tower. However, it was very wobbly and kept falling down!

In our adult led activity we did some amazing writing using our phonic knowledge, (Literacy and PD). It’s another secret so we can’t tell you any more!

In our Outside Learning we worked on our balancing skills on the climbing frame. We also used our strong arms to throw hoops onto cones, (PD).

We finished our morning with a very industrious inside ChIL making models with construction, drawing and decorating shapes and using our phonic knowledge to write simple cvc words on white boards, (EAD, PD and Literacy).

Next week is our last week of the Spring Term. We hope that everyone is back with us, feeling better and ready for a final week of learning and play.

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