Reception Weekly News March 15th

15th March 19

We have enjoyed another busy week in Reception.

On Monday in Literacy, we quickly revised all of our tricky words, sounds and digraphs. We learnt a new tricky word ‘there’. We found out that Paddington Bear comes from Peru in South America and found it on our world map. We then watched a clip of Paddington in deepest darkest Peru with his Great Aunt Lucy. We decided to write to her asking questions about the Amazon and remembering to include the tricky word ‘there’. We had some great questions, including ‘What is the weather like there?’ ‘What do you eat there?’ and ‘What are the creatures like there?’ We hope Great Aunt Lucy has time to reply to us!

In Literacy ChIL, we enjoyed using the ipads with the Jolly Phonics app and also making our own bear.

In Mathematics, we loved learning about doubles; where we add two of the same number, ie 1+1=2. We used the Numicon and also made towers of cubes to check our answers of doubles up to 5+5. We then painted beautiful South American butterflies using the printing technique and will be turning them into double butterflies tomorrow.

We ended the day hearing about beautiful Norfolk. We loved seeing our friend on the beach come rain or shine, cycling, flying kites and of course eating ice-cream!

On Tuesday in Busy Fingers, we turned our wooden spoons into French people wearing traditional French clothes! We can’t wait to see them up on the wall next to the Eiffel Towers.

We were delighted to be invited to watch Form VI in their show ‘Ye Ha!’. We loved all of the singing, dancing and costumes. Thank you Form VI for sharing it with us.

In Mathematics, we enjoyed turning our butterflies into double butterflies, by putting dots on to each side and writing a number sentence, for example 2+2=4.

In ChIL, we loved role playing adventures around the world. We stopped off at Peru and enjoyed some delicious marmalade cake for snack! We couldn’t believe it when Mrs Weir rushed in to deliver a letter from Peru – Great Aunt Lucy had written back to us! She had answered all of our questions and had even included a few photographs of her home and the Amazon River.

We ended the day with a brilliant Finnish Show and Tell, hearing all about adventures in Lapland. We definitely want to visit Lapland next winter!

On Wednesday, in Maths Busy Fingers we enjoyed making straw constructions following photograph instructions. We made some super flags and 2D shape pictures of us in the Amazon Rainforest.

In Literacy, we made clear labels for which animal we wanted to make from South America.

In ChIL, we enjoyed exploring fajita wraps and peppers from Mexico. We loved using paint and collage to make our animals, looking so closely at little details. They are going to look amazing on the classroom wall.

We ended the day with a fabulous trip to Dubai. We loved hearing about the world’s tallest building and amazing aquarium in a hotel!

On Thursday, we enjoyed making Peruvian flags in Busy Fingers! We then revised the tricky words that we had learnt throughout the week and had a go at writing them in different coloured pens, and also giving instructions using the tricky words ‘go’ and ‘there’.

In Maths we looked at some word problems involving animals. We read some problems on the Smart Board and then used items on the carpet to try and solve them. We wrote the number sentence we did on the board. Our number formation is really improving!

In the afternoon, we listened to a very interesting Show and Tell, all about Swaziland. We saw some photos of the animals found on safari in Swaziland and were amazed at how close up they were! We learnt lots of interesting facts.

In ChIL, we continued to create our rainforest animals using paint and collage.  We loved looking at all of the different animals in a book and copying them carefully. They will look fabulous on the display we are going to make!

On Friday, we had a lovely, long handwriting session. We revised the letters we have covered already and then went on to learn how to form j and y. We used big gross motor skills first of all, then went on to create beautiful smaller letters on the sheets to stick in our books.

We had 2 PE sessions and a calm and peaceful mindfulness session to round of the week.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and see you next week when we will look at two more fascinating countries!

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