Nursery Weekly News 15th March 2019

15th March 19

Monday had arrived and we began to think about some new ‘People Who Help Us’. This week we are thinking about Doctors and Nurses.

In our adult led activity we took turns to talk and listen to one another speak about visits to the doctors. Most of the class remembered visiting the doctors to have vaccinations. Emilie told us about going to the hospital to see a picture of the baby in Mummy’s tummy and also about a visit to the hospital when Emilie hurt her chin. We then looked at some doctors instruments and tried to name them and say what Doctors and Nurses use them for, (PSE, UW and CL). We ended our introduction to our new topic by watching a Topsy and Tim where poor Topsy had to go into hospital for an operation.

Today we celebrated lots of ‘Golden Wellie’ certificates as many of our friends have achieved their ‘What’s Next’ steps. We were proud of them all, (PSE).

We worked hard in ‘Busy Fingers’ on Tuesday drawing people who help us, cutting out pictures of Paramedics, Doctors and Nurses, making tap-a-shape pictures of people who help us and making some lovely paintings too, (PD and EAD).

In our Jolly Phonics session we recapped all our previously learnt sounds. We made the sound and action and demonstrated that we have been listening so well over the last few weeks. We were all awarded a ‘Listening Lily’ Sticker. We then played ‘Phoneme Pop’ on the Smart Board. A sound appeared on the screen and we had to quickly pop it using our fingers. We were so quick at matching sound to letter.

We had a lovely story in the Library called ‘The Highway Rat’ by Julia Donaldson. Freya brought it in for us and it turned out to be a big hit with everyone, (Literacy).

On Wednesday morning we had a very creative ‘Busy Fingers’ trying to write 999 for our new wall display emergency scene and drawing pictures of Fire Officers, (EAD and PD). Our wall display is going to look great!

We then spent time learning about Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacists. We talked about how they might help us to get better by prescribing us medicine or tablets. We learnt that medicines come in special child proof bottles and that it is important that we never eat anything unless the adults who look after us say we can. Then then played a great game pretending to be Doctors looking after the babies in the hospital. We sang ‘Miss Polly Had a Dolly’ and took it in turns to visit a baby. We had to match number to quantity giving them the right amount of medicine, (Tic Tacs) to make them better, (Maths, PSE, KW, EAD). We were great Doctors and learn a lot about safety with medicines.

In the afternoon with Mrs Radgman we worked on our pictures for our new display drawing buildings, painting smoke and flames and adding details to our Firemen with buttons and googly eyes, (EAD and UW).

On Thursday we had our French lesson with Mrs Bishop and she read us a story called ‘ Little Red Train Adventure Playset’ by Benedict Blathwayt. We each took little clues out of the book to find out where Duffy the train driver was going and learnt lots of new French words. Duffy travelled around the world in the story, (UW). We found eight tickets in the book and counted to French in eight. Off we went with Madame Bishop on the train.

In the afternoon with Mrs Radgman we talked about how we could stay healthy so we didn’t get ill and need to visit the Doctors. We sorted pictures of foods into healthy and not so healthy. We realised that we could eat lots of healthy foods but more unhealthy foods, like sweets and chocolates are just for treats, (PD). We then took part in an active movement session and understood that exercise would also keep us healthy.

On Friday we had a very exciting morning taste testing, trying out some new foods and some that we had eaten before.  Mrs Radgman had brought in some healthy and some unhealthy foods and we all tried all of them.  We were very brave at times!!  The beetroot didn’t please many of us but the crisps and doughnut were winners! We talked about whether the foods were healthy or unhealthy and what was in the foods to make them that way.

After this we found out that Peter Rabbit had hidden some activity cards around the grounds of the school.  We jumped into our coats and wellies and started our hunt.  We collected several cards and found that they had a number and an activity on them.  The girls and boys worked as a team and were able to recognise the numbers on the cards and joined in with the exercises after Mrs Radgman had read them out.  We managed 5 star jumps, 8 hops, 1 lap of the whole field and 1 lap of the EYFS climbing frame amongst other things! What an exhausting morning!!

We finished our Friday with a great Music lesson with Mrs Harte. We used big African drums to explore quickly and slowly rhythms. We then used our feet to explore beat by stamping the beat to a song, (EAD).

We hope you have a wonderful, restful weekend and look forward to seeing you all again on Monday morning!

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